Saturday, April 23, 2005

Kev and I have been busy getting ready for summer. We've been working on the lawn and flowerbeds for the last several weekends. The flowers look beautiful. We've (ahem...Kevin) has been putting down sod in the backyard where the old flower bed was. We're trying to get grass to grow better in a few skimpy areas where the dogs run. It is so wonderful to have someone enjoys doing these things with you. In fact, he's cutting the grass right now.
We've got a really busy day ahead. I've got to finish straightening up the office; that's our next little home improvement project. We're gonna better organize it and hang some photos and certificates. I would like to put a different rug in there and add a ceiling fan...we'll see. Aunt Florence, a dear family friend is celebrating her 90th birthday today. We are going to a party for her at the Egan's house. She is so young at heart. Friends and relatives from all over the country have come in to help her celebrate. Then we're going to the Biscuits game tonight. Darrell and BJ are meeting us. Should be a great time.
I'm so excited, I think we're going to trade the Buick in for a new vehicle. We're looking at a trailblazer and an explorer. I thinking we're leaning more toward the trailblazer. I'm so excited! Can't wait to close the deal and drive it around. I've always wanted an SUV. Gotta go for now. House chores are waiting.