Wednesday, May 04, 2011

A year ago today...

It was just a year ago that I was experiencing my first round of chemo. What I remember about that first experience was how nice all the oncologist nurses were. I love Jerri and Jill, and still drop by to visit when I have check-ups. Another thing I remember was watching clear toxins enter my body through the IV, one drop at a time. I wondered if they would be the magic we, I prayed they would do exactly what we needed them to do. Dr. Reed explained to me up front that metastasis of endometrial cancer is NOT good. He explained that we would follow the most aggressive regimen of chemotherapy available for my cancer. When I asked him what my chances were, he explained that if this chemo didn't work I would have less than a year to live. Oh yeah...and we wouldn't know for at least three months what it was doing. I remember feeling my stubborn chin stiffen. I was ready for the fight. Kevin was my biggest cheerleader and still is.

That was a year ago. I began chemo on April 26th, 2010. Today, I am cancer-free. I received my most recent clean bill of health on April 8th. Everything looks good. With my cancer medication (and I take it 4 times daily indefinitely) it is difficult to keep my weight under control. I gain and lose and again and lose, but I am back at it again. I want to be healthy. I am grateful for the new perspective on life that cancer has given me. I enjoy each and every minute I have. It truly is the small things that are important.