Friday, December 10, 2004

Only the beginning...

Wow, What a year! As the wedding date approaches I think of all the changes in my life since January. Kevin and I will be married in only eight days. In some ways I look at December 18th as an end to a long and winding search for the person God intended for me, to all the planning and preparation for the big day, an end to being called Ms. Miller by my students, and so on. Really though, this is only the beginning. I'm excited about the wedding and know it will be beautiful, but more than anything I'm excited about marrying my one and only true love. I'm more excited about the marriage than about the wedding. Kevin and I, both, realize there will be difficult times ahead, but there will also be countless days of smiles, laughter, happiness, friendship, and comfort mixed in. Kevin is my very best friend. Just being near him elicits a contentedness I never experienced before. I am overjoyed at the mere thought of being a family with him. We pray daily that God will bless us with a beautiful family to raise in a Christian home. Kevin reminds me all the time that God has so many plans in store for us. Please pray for us as we begin the next chapter in our lives together. Pray that we will actively seek God's will for our lives and our family, that we will listen. Pray that we will be an example and blessing to those we encounter in our daily lives, even when we don't realize it.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

This picture reminds me of a book I read in 5th grade called The Little Princess. Posted by Hello

Katelyn and I pose for the camera before the luncheon begins. Posted by Hello

What a little lady! Posted by Hello

Katelyn continues to spread the love at the luncheon. Posted by Hello

Joannie proudly showing off her five-week-old angel, Josie Posted by Hello

Is Katelyn excited about being so close to Carolyn or Baby Josie? We're not real sure. Posted by Hello

Katelyn giving Aunt Manda some love at the bridesmaids' luncheon Posted by Hello

Bridesmaid Luncheon

I hosted a luncheon for my bridesmaids and my precious little flower girl on Saturday at Old Alabama Gift Company. Marchelle's catered it. What a busy place! They also had their Christmas open house, so there was a lot of activity. Mom, Katelyn, Amanda, Carolyn, and Joannie (with baby Josie in tote) were there. Robin couldn't make it because her Orange and Blue were in the SEC Championship game in Atlanta. She went to cheer them on. We all had a good time eating and passing Josie around. She was such a good baby, no a whimper the whole two hours she was there. One thing's for sure...her momma knows how to keep her happy. I can't wait to have one of my own. Katelyn's favorite part was drinking her grape juice out of a champagne glass. Our favorite part was drinking the champagne! There are only 13 days left until the wedding. Kevin's family arrives in 11 days. I thought this month would never get here, and now it's going so quickly. The Egans are busy with special plans for the rehearsal dinner. It's gonna be a real treat. We have to pay for poinsettias and the other half of the reception. I'm doing that on Wednesday afternoon. Thursday afternoon I have to pick up Kevin's ring from being sized and the napkins we ordered for the reception. I think that leaves paying for the cakes, decorating the church, and getting married...of course, Kevin still has a few items on his "to do" list, but I'm sure he'll check them off as soon as he's back in town on Friday night. Today I've had a cold, but nothing that Alkaseltzer Cold and Sinus could improve. I cleaned house and laid on the couch admiring the Christmas lights on the mantle and tree and the fire in the fireplace. It was so nice to take a little time for the holiday season. So far, we've only had time to purchase 3 gifts, and they came off of the internet. We're gonna get the rest next weekend before we go see A Christmas Carol at the Shakespeare Festival. We'll also be putting our lights up next weekend too. We haven't been home long enough to get them out of the boxes yet. I'm off to write thank you notes.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Count down continues!

We are only about two weeks away from the big day! Kevin and I are so excited. We have a million and one things to do. My good friend Carolyn called this morning to check on me. She just got married in October. We have ordered the napkins, gotten our marriage license, established how much alcohol we need for the reception, and done several other things which slip my mind right now. I'll be glad to have some free time in New Orleans with my new hubby. We had dinner with our musicians last night. That was a lot of fun. Cedric and Sarah are so sweet. I'm getting ready for the bridesmaid luncheon on Saturday. I hope everyone has a good time. We are still getting RSVPs for the reception. I'm feeling extremely overwhelmed right now, but I'm determined to keep a positive attitude about it. I have developed a pain in my neck which I think is caused by stress. I have fallen behind on thank you notes, but I think one good quiet evening will catch me up. I just haven't had one yet. I will have one on Sunday though, and that is only three days away. So, if you haven't received a thank you from me yet, it's not because I'm rude. It's because I'm swamped. I love you dearly, and Kevin and I are so excited about all the sweet and thoughtful gifts we've received for our new life together. On a different note I enjoyed a very nice Thanksgiving in Tupelo, MS and Memphis, TN with my husband-to-be and his wonderful family. The dinner was fantastic! Chef Tim is quite a cook. I learned how to make Kevin's favorite, spinach casserole, from his mother. So, he's thrilled about that. I had dressing with pork in it for the first time in my life. It was yummy! My favorite was the desserts! Tim really went all out for everyone. Tim and Bonnie were so nice to set a place for Kevin's father, the late Jack Riley. We thought that was especially nice and plan to follow suit at the rehearsal dinner. In addition to planning the wedding and taking my class back over from a month-long intern, I've been trying to get the house decorated for mine and Kevin's first Christmas together. What a job! We both have so many Christmas decorations. Finding them and getting them organized has been quite a task. We have so many things to be thankful for. I can't wait to be married to Kevin. It'll just be nice to finally have a break after the wedding.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Contestant #2 at the Bridal Beauty Pageant, BJ Taylor.  Posted by Hello

Contestant #1 at the Bridal Beauty Pageant, Katie Egan. Posted by Hello
The big day continues to get closer and closer...31 days. My friends, Carolyn Slocum and Robin Harp, and my sister hosted a shower for me last Saturday at Carolyn's new home. It was all very nice. Some local friends and relatives came. We had a lot of fun playing games and there were some emotional moments where they all had nice things to say about Kevin and me. There was a bridal beauty pageant (we're still not sure who won, there may have been a forfeiting technicality). It was all a lot of fun though. Kevin and I received some very nice gifts that we're really excited about. This week I have talked with the place where I am renting some things. They're gonna let me pick their stuff up a day earlier so we can get the church ready on Thursday. I have received the flower girl's basket in the mail. Mom and I picked up more decoration stuff this weekend in Wetumpka at Cafco. I'm still sending out thank you notes. I mailed out invitations to the rehearsal and dinner today. Tonight I'm working on invitations for the bridesmaids' luncheon. I'm really excited about them. I think they are so cute! We're getting response cards in daily. There will be more out of town guests than we originally expected. We're really excited about that. I have to order napkins. Kevin and I have to get plastic-ware for the reception still. We need a really good wassail recipe. We need to work on our list for the DJ at the reception. Add a response for any good songs you and your true love would like to hear at the reception. We want everyone to have a good time. We are both so excited!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004


I can just hear the money falling...right out of my pocket book that is. The wedding planning is pretty much over...yes I said it...OVER! Now all we have to do is pay for the thing. I'm proud to say that Kevin and I have been paying for it as we go, so there won't be any wedding bills on our first anniversary, thank the good Lord! I think it will be beautiful, but even if it isn't we'll still be husband and wife. We have tried very hard to make our wedding uniquely ours. With a mere thirty-seven days left we have finished planning the ceremony this week and paying for the flowers, all except the poinsettias that we pick up next month. We have reserved all the rental stuff, chosen the music and musicians and DJ, settled the reception menu and begun to receive response cards. I have to finish the programs, send out rehearsal invitations, make a list of what goes where for clean-up purposes after the wedding when we're gone, select music for the reception and pay for a few other things. Kevin has to arrange for the alcohol, get fitted for his tuxedo, get his ring sized, pick up plastic-ware for the reception, and pay for the same few other things that I have to pay for. We still have to get our marriage license. Can't wait to check those things off our list.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Bridal Portraits

I had my bridal portraits taken today. My mom and sister went with me. David Hagood took them at the Lodge of Robert Trent Jones's Capitol Hill in Prattville. I can't wait to see how they turn out. I am so looking forward to the wedding, but I was not in a picture taking mood today. I did smile though. I'll feel much better in my dress when Kevin is standing in front of me in his tuxedo. He was excited for me today. Mom and Amanda were too. I'll have to have the dress spot cleaned before the wedding. The photos were taken outside and there is some dirt on it in the back where the train is. I couldn't have had better weather if I had ordered it myself. The temperature was perfect, not too hot or cold, sunny. It was just perfect. My mother and Kevin's mother have both found their dresses for the wedding. Dad thinks Mom is beautiful in hers. I haven't seen it yet, but I can't wait. I have a bridal shower in Prattville next weekend, for local friends of mine outside of school. Then it will be Thanksgiving Holidays on the following weekend. Kevin and I are going to Tupelo and Memphis. We'll be with my family on Christmas this year.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

42 Days

Fridays are always nice, but yesterday was especially nice. My daily life is just so much fuller than it once was. Kevin and I are so happy together. He is absolutely my very best friend. When I got in from school yesterday, he was sitting in the backyard playing with Biscuit and Birdie enjoying a beer, having just finished cutting the grass (Yes, grass still gets cut in November in Alabama). We just sat and talked about our day for almost an hour. These are the special times, the quiet moments. We had date plans to go see a movie, the new Ray Charles one; but changed them. We decided to just go to dinner and visit a friend instead. We visited Kevin's friend, Dan Self and his wife Mary Kay in their way cool garage. It was freezing, but fun. Kevin and I are both social bugs by nature. Dan is so funny and witty, one of Kevin's favorite people I think. Then we went to dinner at Bone Fish Grill, one our favorite places to frequent. I was surprised to run into a parent of a little girl I taught last year who had moved to Illinois. Her mom was visiting some friends. We had a wonderful dinner. Kevin had the filet mignon, and I had the mahi mahi. I can't tell you how excited Kevin was to learn that red cabbage was the seasonal vegetable, AFTER it was already on his plate of course. Our radient server was "Sunny." Anyway, it was all so nice. I think I would have enjoyed dinner as much at McDonalds, as long as KJ was there.

Today we are going to the Alabama-Mississippi State game. I'm an Alabama fan, and Kevin went to Mississippi State, you know. We're excited about going. I've been to college games before, but I'm most excited about going to this one, it's my first Alabama game. Kevin and I even have a friendly little wager. The Morrises are going too. Can't wait to get the day started! Gotta run!

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

45 Days

Another busy week in the wedding planning department...

First of all, Kevin and I helped the Egans and Morrises cater a Halloween party for one of their friend's office at Buena Vista. Proceeds go toward the Miller-Riley rehearsal dinner. Kevin served food, while I served alcohol. What kind of alcohol did I serve you might ask? Well, I'll tell ya...sodas, beer, wine, and yep, you guessed it...Sex on the Beach. I was so embarrassed to have old ladies ask me what I was serving and have to tell them that. Well, whether they drank or not they of course had to have some. I should have changed the name of it. When things slowed down, Kevin and I were able to enjoy the party a little ourselves. We ate and danced and had a pretty good time. I was tired by the end of the night. I actually got into the truck and waited for Kevin five minutes before he was able to leave.

Secondly, we went to Tupelo for our first wedding shower. I was so nervous about going. My parents also came to Tupelo so my mother could attend the shower with me. It was hosted by several of Kevin's mother's closest friends (Gail Boland, Rita Suchanick, Kay Riddell, Betty Harder, & Julie Bataille). Everyone was so nice! It's a little awkward to open so many gifts from people you've never even met before. There was a really good turn-out. Kevin and I received some really nice gifts. We're both so excited. We absolutely loved everything, but are most excited about getting some of our china. I mailed thank-you notes out today. I'm glad to be caught up on all of that.

I have been expecting a package of stuff I ordered for the wedding since I ordered it on October 12. When I called to check on it today, they said that it had been shipped on October 18 and delivered by Airborne Express on November 1. We didn't get it. After calling around and waiting on hold for a while, I finally found out that the driver didn't know where the house was so he just took the package back saying that there was no such address. The good news is that Kevin has volunteered to go get it on Friday. Another check off the list.

My mother helped me finish sealing and stamping the invitations last night. I was so excited to be taking them to the post office today (in the rain) only to find out that there was not enough postage. So, I bought 200 ten-cent stamps and 200 two-cent stamps and went home to add them to the envelopes. Good thing I did, because I discovered several invitations (almost 20) that didn't even have a 37-cent stamp on them. At long last, they're finished! I'm mailing them tomorrow.

The next bad thing that happened today (besides being rained on for seven hours at an outdoor field trip) is that I received a Fed Ex package from the shower I had on Sunday. It was a dinner plate I had been excited about, only it was the wrong pattern, very similar, but not mine. Kevin and I chose Noritake Silver Palace, and this was Lenox Opal innocence. So, I have to find out how to exchange it. The correct pattern was requested, but shipped wrong. Not a big deal, just another thing that happened to me today.

Also, I found out that the directions on the invitations for the November 13 bridal shower are incorrect. They say to turn right onto Northington Road, but it should be turn left.

The bridal portrait has been rescheduled for Sunday, because the ground will be so wet tomorrow from all the rain we got today. I did pick my dress up for it today, though.

Kevin and I added 3 1/2 ushers to the wedding party today. His three oldest nephews (Sean, Matt, and Ben) are going to wear tuxedos and seat people. Drew is going to greet people at the door and hand out programs. He was citizen of the year last year, ya know.

Guess that's about it for now.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

State of the UNION

Kevin and I were excited to receive our cake topper from FedEx late Saturday afternoon, actually night around 7:30 pm. I didn't even realize that they delivered so late. It's very nice. I'm going to have my bridal portrait done next Thursday afternoon at Capitol Hill Robert Trent Jones Golf Course. My first bridal shower is in Tupelo, MS this weekend. I found a place where I can get burgundy poinsettias for $2 less a pot today. They have been ordered. I reserved the unity candles for rental yesterday. Kevin and I are still finalizing reception plans, like how to handle the alcohol, where to put the dj, etc... The wedding is only about seven weeks away. Boy, time sure is ticking!

Sunday, October 24, 2004

55 Days

I went to the Denson's Bridal Shop today to be fitted for wedding dress alterations. I went alone because of several was working, my sister Amanda (who is newly engaged)was in the mountains, Carolyn (who is newly married) just returned from her own honeymoon to a new house full of boxes, Robin (who is a die-hard Auburn fan) was at the football game with her family, Joannie(who is 8 1/2 months pregnant)had to take her one-year-old to a birthday party, I just felt like being alone.

While there a few things occurred to me...
  • I'm glad I'm getting married in December, because my dress is so hot.
  • I'm glad my dress size hasn't changed since July when I ordered it.
  • I really hate standing still.
  • I wonder if my hem will be straight since I keep having to shuffle on my feet.
  • I think it takes longer to have your wedding dress pinned for altering than it actually takes to wear it for the ceremony.
  • The train on my wedding dress is longer than I realized (semi-cathedral).
  • My dress is more beautiful than I remembered.
  • I wonder if I could get away with wearing my dress on Halloween to go trick-or-treating (you know, break it in and all).
  • Maybe I should wear it around the house for a week or so (or at least on every anniversary thereafter) to get my (& Kevin's) money's worth out of it.
  • I once thought I'd sell it after the wedding, but now I don't think I can part with it.
  • I'm happy that my wonderful Kevin wanted to have this wedding after all. I feel like a beautiful princess.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Odds and Ends

My wedding dress was delivered to the dress shop today. I'm going to be fitted tomorrow morning. Things are really starting to come together. It should be finished in time for my bridal portrait on Friday. If the weather is nice we'll do them outside, if not, inside. I feel like the Pointer Sisters...I'm so excited! I'm getting my hair done that day, too. Then Saturday, Kevin and I are going to Tupelo for a bridal shower on Sunday. Mrs. Riley's friends are always so nice to me. They treat me like they've always known me. I love going to mass there at St. James. Father Henry is so inspirational. Speaking of mass, RCIA classes are going well. I go every Thursday night. Kevin goes with me when he's in town. Last night was the most interesting for me so far. We discussed the Bible and saints. It's interesting, Protestants believe in saints, but I don't really remember "learning" about them, persay. It's important for me to point out that Catholics don't worship saints. They admire them, hold them dear, find comfort in knowing that these other holy humans have been through the same trials and tribulations that we experience. I'm sad to say that there is no Saint Cynthia...maybe one day. Oh well...

Monday, October 18, 2004

So little time...

My girlfriend, Robin, went with me to David's Bridal Thursday night to pick up the girls' dresses and shoes and my veil. While there I also purchased a headpiece to wear with the veil. I like it because it reminds me of winter. It looks like it has ice crystals in it. I feel like a princess with them on. I can't wait for Kevin to see me in my wedding dress on December 18, and I think he's going to look very handsome in his tuxedo.

Friday night, a another friend and I met my parents for dinner. Then we went to the Hallmark store. My poppy bought a wedding memories album for me. I was looking for one I found on the internet, but they didn't have it in store. I also like the one we picked out in the store. It's covered with fabric and embroidery. I'm reminded of back-to-school days when I was little. You remember how you always wanted to get started writing on all your stuff right away? Well, that's me. I've been filling in as much info as possible.

We went to my friend Carolyn's wedding on Sunday. She's going to be one of my bridesmaids. We had a nice time. I think it was especially nice because we were thinking of our own upcoming wedding. I can't wait. There is still so much to do. Kev and I both agree that our favorite part will be driving off alone after our own wedding. We both so wanted to be Carolyn and Keith yesterday afternoon, but our time will come.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


The invitations were finally delivered...again. I really like them. I can't wait to get started on them. Again, nothing too fancy. I just think they're simple and elegant.

Kevin and I booked the honeymoon this weekend. We're going to New Orleans for a few days after the wedding. We want to be back in time for Christmas. So far, we've booked dinner on a steamboat jazz cruise, a ghosts and spirits tour, and dinner at Emeril's and Mr. B's. We're both really excited about the trip. Then, after Christmas, we're going back to St. Kitts.

There are still so many things to do. I've ordered the guest book, ring bearer's pillow and a few other things for the wedding this week as well. Still counting down the days.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Final Countdown

We're down to 69 days until the wedding, which means we're inside the 10 weeks left mark (11 weeks until Christmas for all you shoppers out there). Saturday, while in Tupelo, Kevin and I finished registering at McRae's. Kevin was a good sport. He had fun picking stuff out, especially kitchen stuff. If you know him at all, you know he's a sucker for gadgets. He has is eye on a particular coffee pot and a salad spinner...cracks me up.

Monday, our wedding invitations were not delivered by UPS. You may think that this seems like no big deal, except that a small portion of them were found beside a pregnant woman's (who by the way was IN labor) mailbox three miles down the road. She found a box of response envelopes with my name and address on them and had her sister call me. Kevin went to pick them up. I was so disappointed. My wonderful husband-to-be called UPS and the invitation company to straighten everything out, though. He always takes care of things. You know what really makes me angry about the whole thing is that it's obvious that the small box of envelopes just slid out of a bigger box. They weren't damaged at all. I think the driver just didn't want to deliver what was left of the box. Instead, he marked down that they were delivered to the house at a certain time. When Kevin called UPS, at first they didn't want to help and said that they had been delivered at a certain time and date. Kev questioned how that could be so when the pregnant lady had found part of the package at her house by the road. Kevin the hero prevailed! They should be delivered Monday.

Also on Monday, I picked up some decoration stuff for the reception and church. I picked up calligraphy pens for the invitations, too. I was expecting the invitations...ha! Fat chance! Guess I'll save them for now.

Wednesday, some of the bridesmaids' dresses and shoes came in. I have been so busy I haven't called to find out which ones. I'll do that today. I'm so excited! I can't wait!

Friday, the wedding favors came in. During the debate last night, I was tying ribbons on them. Can't tell you what they are, but Kevin loved them.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

This is inside the church where Kevin and I will be married. It's hard to tell very much from it. There are actually three center isles and four rows of pews. There are several stained glass windows. I just took a picture of one so you could get the idea. The carpet is the same color as the girls' dresses. Of course most of the furniture on the stage will be removed and there is a large center stair that will be added to the front of the stage. I was so excited when I got to go back inside the church to take pictures this afternoon. I just sat in one of the pews for a little while and imagined the whole thing. Only 80 more days! Posted by Hello

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Another Check

Kevin and I ordered our wedding invitations today. I am so excited! I think they look simple and elegant, much like my dress. We chose them a while back. In fact, they were the first thing we really decided about the wedding. I still need to finish logging all of the addresses for the invitations, though.
The last time we visited Kevin's mother in Tupelo I went McRaes to register for all the folks there. They don't have a Dillard's or a Bed, Bath, and Beyond (where we're registered in Alabama). Mrs. Riley went with me. Well, the whole thing was a little overwhelming for me. So, I told her that I'd just finish it in Alabama. At the time I didn't realize that the McRaes in Montgomery had closed. So, today, when I took Kev to the airport in Birmingham, I went to Galleria where they have another McRaes. Only when I got there I discovered that it is closed for the week because there is a Profits (owned by the same company) opening at the Galleria as well and they're moving merchandise around. Lucky me...On to plan C...Kevin has promised me that we will go to the McRaes in Tupelo next weekend when we go to the Jack Riley Charity Golf Tournament to help raise money for a sanctuary for the Hospice House.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

84 Days More!

I cannot believe there are only 84 more days until the wedding! This week I met with the florist and ordered the flowers for bouquets, boutineers, corsages, and the like. I can't tell you how relieved I am to have that out of the way. I hope they'll look nice. I have no doubt that the arrangements will be beautiful, because Dunn's always does a fabulous job when Kevin sends me flowers from there. However, they can only do what I tell them to do, and making up my mind was the hard part. Now I know why so many people get married in the spring...there are so many flowers in season to choose from. I wanted fresh flowers and that's exactly what I got. The bridesmaids will have dark red classy roses and white roses. My bouquet will have white roses (like I originally wanted) and red and white minuette roses with Christmas greenery and sweetheart roses. I decided not to go with the stargazer lilies because they're so expensive. Kevin is still taking it all in stride. He's excited about the wedding too. He even acts interested when I show him things.
Tonyell, my "mintee," at school came into my classroom the other day and I was dusting. I told her since I didn't feel like I could get all my teacher stuff done, I'd demoted my self to cleaning lady. That just felt more manageable at that particular moment in time. She said, "Well, Cindy, you've go a whole lot going on right now. " I asked her what she meant. T said, "Well, you know, with the wedding and all." I said,"Girl, I am not worried about that wedding. Worst case scenerio...the punch will spill, the cake will fall, the flowers will be ugly, but in the end I'll still be Mrs. Riley." I don't want to jinx the wedding, but I truly meant that. I'm so excited!

Monday, September 20, 2004

Saturday, I went to David's Bridal with my mother, sister, and niece. We ordered Katelyn's flower girl dress and Amanda's maid of honor dress. Katelyn was especially precious. She was on her best behavior. She calls it her "princess wedding dress." Of course, all the women in the shop made a special point to tell the precious 4-year-old how beautiful she was. She ate it up, just loved all the attention. I can't wait for the big day. It's getting closer and closer. Kevin and I tried to scale down the invitation list this weekend, but we just couldn't. I guess it's a good thing to have that many friends and family. Amanda was beautiful in her dress as well. I am really happy with the color I chose. I think the girls' dresses look very feminine. I even tried one on myself. I ordered a veil for myself and bought my shoes. Stopped by Chocodelphia to find out if they can order chocolate pine cones for the groom's cake. They are supposed to call me back. I also need to get the cake topper, and some other things for the reception. I'm meeting with the florist after work on Wednesday. I have to call about the bridesmaids' luncheon and decide on music. I still have so many things to do.

Thursday, September 16, 2004


As I sit and wait for Ivan the Terrible to visit. I think about the unofficial plans Kevin and I have to go to New Orleans after the wedding. Right now, I'm glad they're unofficial. I hope there is still a N'Orleans after the hurricane. We may have to change our destination to something else, though. Of course, we're still hoping to go back to St. Kitts in Jan. I was supposed to meet with Patsy the Florist after school today to discuss flowers. Decided to cancel for now, too many other people out running around for hurricane necessities. This week is the deadline for my girls to go in and order their shoes and dresses. So, by Monday, that'll be another check. Still need a volunteer to video the wedding. Haven't found anyone yet, of course, haven't looked very hard either. I have purchased candles for the reception lately, another check. I've also made some final decisions about the Bridesmaids Luncheon. Now, I just have to call and make the reservations. My neice, Katelyn, is still excited about her "princess" dress. She's also excited about the hurricane. On the phone today she said, "Aunt Cindy, somethings coming, and me and bubby have a bed in momma's room with snacks!" Bless her little heart. I don't know if she's more excited about sleeping in her mothers room or eating snacks. Ahhh, the life of a 4-year-old. Can't wait until Kev and I have one of our own. Between the two of us she won't be able to sit still or be quiet. :)

Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Today we secured a block of rooms at a nice nearby hotel for out of town guests. I'm so excited...another check off our list. I also talked to the photographer this afternoon. I'm not sure what package we'll get, but at least we've got the date reserved on his calendar. That makes me feel better. Flowers...those dadgum flowers. Still not sure what to do about them. I haven't been able to talk to any other florists yet. I really need some ideas. At this point I say do without them. I know I like starfighter lilies and calla lilies, but I'm not sure what else goes with them. It's only 108 days away; I can't believe how fast the time has flown by since June 24th in the Big Apple. We've still got so many things to do before the the big day. No matter what happens, as long as Kevin's there I'll be happy.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Love, Honor, and Obey?

Upon reviewing various examples of wedding ceremonies, Kevin is a little disappointed...It appears as though women are no longer required to obey their husbands...imagine that...tsk, tsk, tsk...I wonder why he's so concerned that I won't obey...I really hate that for him...He's got a long road ahead of him.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Busy Bee

We have been so incredibly busy these last couple of weeks. Last week was the first week of school with the children. Kevin was out of town on work business. So there hasn't been much time for wedding planning. We're just struggling to get through daily life right now. We have been tossing around a couple of ideas about a honeymoon. We may take a short trip for our honeymoon right afterward and then take a longer one in January. We want to be back in town for our first Christmas together. We are looking at different wedding ceremonies that can be performed and trying to decide which one best suits us. I'm still trying to decide about wedding flowers. I think David and Katie Hagood of Hagood Photography in Millbrook will do the wedding pictures and portrait. So that's another check off of our list. I haven't found anyone to video the wedding for me. I'm hoping to find someone for cheap or free. My uncle use to do that kind of thing, but he has aged and can't hold the camera steady. We are also reading some books about marriage and relationships right now recommended by the pastor who will marry us. I plan on ordering the invitations this week. We're both still so excited about being engaged. We had an engagement announcement photo made for the papers. We're trying to decide on music for the ceremony as well. Sometimes it seems as though all this will never come together. I would have been perfectly happy just going away somewhere to get married, but since Kevin wants a wedding I want it to at least be a nice one.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Engagement Ring

The cool thing about being a teacher is that when you get engaged over the summer, it still takes a couple of months for everyone to find out. I'm still enjoying sharing the news with all my coworkers and students. A little boy in my class said the cutest thing to me today...He said, "Ms. Miller, le me see yo ring....Is that yo Will you marry me ring or yo kiss the bride and say I do ring?" Ah the teachable moment. I explained that my Will you marry me ring is called my engagement ring. I told him I'd be wearing two rings in January and I'd show him my Kiss the bride and say I do wedding band then. Love those ten-year-olds!

Sunday, July 25, 2004


I went shopping with my mother yesterday. We went to Southern Homes and Gardens to check out the Christmas in July sale. We did find some snowflakes we want to use as decorations and a couple of small trees we can use at the front of the stage to decorate with lights. We also went to David's Bridal where Mom purchased a tiara, gloves, stockings, and ballerina slippers for Katelyn, my flower girl. We continued to look at veils and such for my dress. Still haven't settled on anything particular. I did see a veil I really liked, but it was in white and I need ivory. I think we're gonna look at A Touch of Class in Wetumpka before we buy anything.

Friday, July 23, 2004


I am having a terrible time deciding what kind of flowers I want the bridesmaids to carry. I know I want fresh, hand held flowers; but I can't decide exactly what. The girls are wearing a dark red color. The church has red carpet. I think I would like to see them with dark red, pinks, and whites mixed together. I think stargazer lilies would be beautiful, but I'm not sure how expensive they would be. I would love them to hold just the plain roses wrapped in ribbon, too. I think that pink and a few white poinsettas would be beautiful in the church. Does this sound crazy? Should I just stick with the pink poinsettas? I think the red poinsettas are too bright for the bridesmaids dresses. I'm open to suggestions.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004


Yippee! We finally have confirmation on the church. Kevin talked to Rev. Al at the church today. We will be able to have the wedding at Millbrook Presbyterian Church. We will meet with him Monday afternoon to discuss the details and fees....another check on our list. Things are starting to come together for us.

5 Months and Counting

Well, here we are...five months away from the big day, December 18, 2004. I'm so excited! I can't wait to be the next Mrs. Riley. When we set the date, it seemed so far away. Now I think about all there is to do and I wonder if there is enough time. As Kevin would say, we've got a lot of checks:
  • I have found and ordered my wedding gown. It's ivory....a great big thank you to my friend Robin Harp who went with me and forced me to try on countless dresses, some I even hated, until we found the right one. It turned out to be the 3rd dress I tried on at the first stop.
  • My bridesmaids will be my little sis Amanda, high school friend Joannie Garner, teacher friend Robin Harp, and partner in crime girlfriend Carolyn Ford. The flower girl is my 4-year-old adorable curly headed niece, Katelyn Mitchell.
  • I found the bridesmaids dresses at David's Bridal. They're very feminine. I chose apple for the color. It's a deep red color, appropriate for the season. Katelyn will wear an ivory colored dress like me, complete with tiara, gloves and ballerina slippers, of course.
  • Kevin has chosen his groomsmen, brothers Tim and Mike Riley, good buddies Kevin Egan and Joey Morris. The ring bearer is my handsome 7-year-old nephew, Christian Mitchell.
  • The tuxedos are standard without tails and will come from Afterthoughts. Kevin will wear a platinum 4-hand tie and vest. All the other men and ring bearer will wear apple ties and vests.
  • We found a cake lady. Diane will make the bride's cake and the groom's cake. You'll have to come to the reception if you want to see it. It's definitely worth the calories!
  • We found a church we like and are just waiting to hear from the minister of the church. He had to petition the church elders for permission. This seems to be taking longer than we expected it would.
  • We found a reception place we think we like. We've scheduled a meeting to discuss the details on Monday afternoon. We'll know more then. I've discovered it's not easy finding a place in December, especially one that will allow you to serve champagne. Cross your fingers and pray for us.
  • We have a minister, Ron Prevatte of First Baptist Church in Prattville. I taught his two youngest sons and feel very close to him. I'm honored he's agreed to perform our ceremony. We begin meeting with him Tuesday afternoon.
  • We have registered at Dillard's and Bed, Bath, and Beyond.
I told you we had a lot of checks. Right now the big hold up seems to be the church. I'm very nervous about that. It's not easy finding a place to wed in December. I wonder how much more I can get accomplished before school starts...