Monday, October 09, 2006

It's official!

It's official! We no longer have to worry about "them" taking our little boy away. Them is anyone who would ever consider it. Even though the birthmom had 48 hours to change her mind from the time of birth, we had to wait 6 months for the courts to approve it and make it official. Today was the big day. We had to travel back to Texas, not the birth location, to appear in court. I was nervous about it all weekend, but it wasn't bad at all. It was actually very pleasant, almost like a wedding. Our family was married today...I like the sound of that. We were officially united as one. Seriously, there were lots of "yes" and "I do" replies made by my sweet hubby. Lucky for me, I only had one "yes" at the end to imply that "I agree with everything he just said." The whole experience reminded me of Night Court. The judge was very friendly, excited, and happy for us. The bailiff took photos for us during the entire process. Afterward, the Judge asked if he could come around to the front of his bench to be in photos with us. He wanted to hold Jack for the pics. Since we were in a "family court" setting, there were other folks we didn't know in the courtroom. They were all behind the bailiff smiling and waiving at Jack, trying to get him to smile for the camera. Complete strangers were so excited for us. The judge and attorney said that Jack was one of the biggest HAMS they've ever seen in front of the camera. We were able to read some information about the law firm that represented us today, too. WOW! Very powerful! Extremely impressive backgrounds. What a relief! Kevin said that today had better be Jack's one and only time in front of a judge, except of course when he gets a little brother or sister. :)