Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Has it been a year since I posted already...Really?

I still can't believe it's been a year...I feel like I should send out one of those Christmas Catch-You-Up letters that everyone sends...I won't do that, but I'll share the year in a nutshell and make a resolution to update more regularly...promise!

January...I went back to Milam Elementary after Christmas break and explained to my principal that even though I still love children, my heart is with Jack and I wasn't coming back after the summer...and oh by the way, if you find a replacement for me today, I'm happy to bow out and go home. He made me stay through May. :(

February...Geez...I can't even remember. Went to a Kelly Clarkson/Reba concert on Valentine's Day. That was fun. Started a diet that I didn't stick to. Diets make me gain weight. Isn't that terrible?
March...It snowed during spring break. How cool is that?

April...Jack's 2nd birthday. He's getting so big! We had his party at our house on the Tumblebus. It's a way cool bus set up like a gymnastics gym for kids. All I had to do was serve cake and ice cream to 2 year olds.

May...Counting down the days to school getting out. I'm working two jobs by now, because I went back to WGU part time to make sure I could work there when school got out.

June...Working at home again with WGU. Wondering why I ever left. Jack is getting bigger by the minute. He now directs me to "my paaaarrrrk" in a whining voice when we drive by. We take bread to feed the ducks, but Jack eats it himself.

July...Travel to Salt Lake City for a reunion with my WGU buddies. What a trip! I'm looking forward to seeing them again in a couple of weeks. Jack enjoyed the Independence Day fireworks.

August...It was so hot! We took Jack swimming at the neighbors house. He's so modest it takes 30 minutes to get him to take his shirt off in the water. Can you believe it with THAT tan?

September...Found out I had cancer. That was one of those moments in life like the Challenger explosion and the bombing of the twin towers; you never forget where you were. I knew something was wrong for a few months before. Still, we were shocked and scared. Kevin's dad died with cancer. We prayed more than we ever had before. I remember planting flowers around the mailbox hoping that if something happened to me they'd still be there for Kevin and Jack.

October...Surgery to remove the cancer was successful. No further treatment was necessary. We were humbled by the kindess and consideration friends, neighbors and complete strangers showered us with. We hosted the 8th Annual Jack Riley Memorial Golf Tournament to raise funds for the Sanctuary Hospice House. It was a success. Contact me if you'd like to contribute. Cousins Mallory and Savannah came for a visit to trick or treat with Jack and see Disney on Ice the next day. Jack was Mickey, Mallory was Minnie, and LaLa was a ladybug (which suits her to a tee.) I made his costume myself. Jack has never eaten so much candy! He had a blast. :) Jack went to the "real zoo" for the first time. His favorite was the monkeys. I have never seen an elephant go peepee. That was the most amazing thing for me! It's like a carwash. Here is a picture of Jack watching the elephant go potty.

November...We began another adoption endeavor. We are going a different route this time. We pray continually for the child(ren) we hope to adopt. Thanksgiving was at Kevin's brother's house, Tim. We enjoy a wonderful feast and praised God for the many blessings we'd received this year, including cancer. In the end, it was a blessing.

December...Christmas was a magical ending to a very trying year. Jack was beyond excited, even though he still wouldn't sit in Santa's lap. We tried to teach him the story of Jesus's birth. He thought the camels were pretty cool. We rode a the train with Santa Claus while visiting Granny and the rest of the family. Then we all went to the zoo for Christmas Lights at night. The weather was nice and again the kids had a marvelous time.
I can't begin to imagine what the next year has in store. If God had told me last January what 2008 would bring. I don't think I would have left my bedroom. Just think of all the wonderful blessings I would have missed out on!