Wednesday, October 27, 2004

State of the UNION

Kevin and I were excited to receive our cake topper from FedEx late Saturday afternoon, actually night around 7:30 pm. I didn't even realize that they delivered so late. It's very nice. I'm going to have my bridal portrait done next Thursday afternoon at Capitol Hill Robert Trent Jones Golf Course. My first bridal shower is in Tupelo, MS this weekend. I found a place where I can get burgundy poinsettias for $2 less a pot today. They have been ordered. I reserved the unity candles for rental yesterday. Kevin and I are still finalizing reception plans, like how to handle the alcohol, where to put the dj, etc... The wedding is only about seven weeks away. Boy, time sure is ticking!

Sunday, October 24, 2004

55 Days

I went to the Denson's Bridal Shop today to be fitted for wedding dress alterations. I went alone because of several was working, my sister Amanda (who is newly engaged)was in the mountains, Carolyn (who is newly married) just returned from her own honeymoon to a new house full of boxes, Robin (who is a die-hard Auburn fan) was at the football game with her family, Joannie(who is 8 1/2 months pregnant)had to take her one-year-old to a birthday party, I just felt like being alone.

While there a few things occurred to me...
  • I'm glad I'm getting married in December, because my dress is so hot.
  • I'm glad my dress size hasn't changed since July when I ordered it.
  • I really hate standing still.
  • I wonder if my hem will be straight since I keep having to shuffle on my feet.
  • I think it takes longer to have your wedding dress pinned for altering than it actually takes to wear it for the ceremony.
  • The train on my wedding dress is longer than I realized (semi-cathedral).
  • My dress is more beautiful than I remembered.
  • I wonder if I could get away with wearing my dress on Halloween to go trick-or-treating (you know, break it in and all).
  • Maybe I should wear it around the house for a week or so (or at least on every anniversary thereafter) to get my (& Kevin's) money's worth out of it.
  • I once thought I'd sell it after the wedding, but now I don't think I can part with it.
  • I'm happy that my wonderful Kevin wanted to have this wedding after all. I feel like a beautiful princess.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Odds and Ends

My wedding dress was delivered to the dress shop today. I'm going to be fitted tomorrow morning. Things are really starting to come together. It should be finished in time for my bridal portrait on Friday. If the weather is nice we'll do them outside, if not, inside. I feel like the Pointer Sisters...I'm so excited! I'm getting my hair done that day, too. Then Saturday, Kevin and I are going to Tupelo for a bridal shower on Sunday. Mrs. Riley's friends are always so nice to me. They treat me like they've always known me. I love going to mass there at St. James. Father Henry is so inspirational. Speaking of mass, RCIA classes are going well. I go every Thursday night. Kevin goes with me when he's in town. Last night was the most interesting for me so far. We discussed the Bible and saints. It's interesting, Protestants believe in saints, but I don't really remember "learning" about them, persay. It's important for me to point out that Catholics don't worship saints. They admire them, hold them dear, find comfort in knowing that these other holy humans have been through the same trials and tribulations that we experience. I'm sad to say that there is no Saint Cynthia...maybe one day. Oh well...

Monday, October 18, 2004

So little time...

My girlfriend, Robin, went with me to David's Bridal Thursday night to pick up the girls' dresses and shoes and my veil. While there I also purchased a headpiece to wear with the veil. I like it because it reminds me of winter. It looks like it has ice crystals in it. I feel like a princess with them on. I can't wait for Kevin to see me in my wedding dress on December 18, and I think he's going to look very handsome in his tuxedo.

Friday night, a another friend and I met my parents for dinner. Then we went to the Hallmark store. My poppy bought a wedding memories album for me. I was looking for one I found on the internet, but they didn't have it in store. I also like the one we picked out in the store. It's covered with fabric and embroidery. I'm reminded of back-to-school days when I was little. You remember how you always wanted to get started writing on all your stuff right away? Well, that's me. I've been filling in as much info as possible.

We went to my friend Carolyn's wedding on Sunday. She's going to be one of my bridesmaids. We had a nice time. I think it was especially nice because we were thinking of our own upcoming wedding. I can't wait. There is still so much to do. Kev and I both agree that our favorite part will be driving off alone after our own wedding. We both so wanted to be Carolyn and Keith yesterday afternoon, but our time will come.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


The invitations were finally delivered...again. I really like them. I can't wait to get started on them. Again, nothing too fancy. I just think they're simple and elegant.

Kevin and I booked the honeymoon this weekend. We're going to New Orleans for a few days after the wedding. We want to be back in time for Christmas. So far, we've booked dinner on a steamboat jazz cruise, a ghosts and spirits tour, and dinner at Emeril's and Mr. B's. We're both really excited about the trip. Then, after Christmas, we're going back to St. Kitts.

There are still so many things to do. I've ordered the guest book, ring bearer's pillow and a few other things for the wedding this week as well. Still counting down the days.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Final Countdown

We're down to 69 days until the wedding, which means we're inside the 10 weeks left mark (11 weeks until Christmas for all you shoppers out there). Saturday, while in Tupelo, Kevin and I finished registering at McRae's. Kevin was a good sport. He had fun picking stuff out, especially kitchen stuff. If you know him at all, you know he's a sucker for gadgets. He has is eye on a particular coffee pot and a salad spinner...cracks me up.

Monday, our wedding invitations were not delivered by UPS. You may think that this seems like no big deal, except that a small portion of them were found beside a pregnant woman's (who by the way was IN labor) mailbox three miles down the road. She found a box of response envelopes with my name and address on them and had her sister call me. Kevin went to pick them up. I was so disappointed. My wonderful husband-to-be called UPS and the invitation company to straighten everything out, though. He always takes care of things. You know what really makes me angry about the whole thing is that it's obvious that the small box of envelopes just slid out of a bigger box. They weren't damaged at all. I think the driver just didn't want to deliver what was left of the box. Instead, he marked down that they were delivered to the house at a certain time. When Kevin called UPS, at first they didn't want to help and said that they had been delivered at a certain time and date. Kev questioned how that could be so when the pregnant lady had found part of the package at her house by the road. Kevin the hero prevailed! They should be delivered Monday.

Also on Monday, I picked up some decoration stuff for the reception and church. I picked up calligraphy pens for the invitations, too. I was expecting the invitations...ha! Fat chance! Guess I'll save them for now.

Wednesday, some of the bridesmaids' dresses and shoes came in. I have been so busy I haven't called to find out which ones. I'll do that today. I'm so excited! I can't wait!

Friday, the wedding favors came in. During the debate last night, I was tying ribbons on them. Can't tell you what they are, but Kevin loved them.