Thursday, January 18, 2007

Amanda & Tony!

My little sis is having a baby sister or brother for Mallory. We are so excited for you!

Catching up...

I'M SORRY!!! I'd ask for a 25-hour day, but someone would just fill it up with stuff for me to do. I don't even have time to read!

Christmas was wonderful. Jack is such a blessing. We celebrated the Saturday before Christmas with some local friends. Our tradition is to have them all over to our house for taco soup and exchange gifts. It was a fun time, and I love to entertain. Sunday was Christmas Eve. We went to church, and we celebrated with my family that night. Granny and Papa enjoyed the new grandies this year. Jack enjoyed watching us open gifts. He didn't really get the hang of it, but hey...the paper sure was fun to play with after the grown-ups tore it off the boxes! Jack had fun playing with his gifts, and Mallory had fun playing with, well...Jack gifts. :) Hers were pretty much the exact same...she just wanted to make sure, though. Cousins Christian and Katelyn sure are growing fast! Christian is now 10, and Katelyn is almost 7. Where does the time go? Santa came that night. We woke up and played with all the cool things Santa brought Jack on Monday morning. Then, we went to Christmas Mass and headed to Tupelo to visit Grandma. Jack finally got to meet Erin. She's the only girl in her generation and one of Jack's biggest fans. She was also the last cuz to meet him. She goes to college farther away than the boys. He had a blast playing with everyone in Tupelo. It was nice to rest our arms for a change. In fact, he was carried so much it's a wonder he still knows how to crawl or stand. He was definitely spoiled to say the least. By the time our celebrating was done, I counted up that it had been 9 whole days since Kevin, Jack, and I had been at our home, alone, for dinner. We were exhausted. Jack was back on schedule after about 3 days. :)

I'll try to get some photos up by Friday.

Happy New Year!