Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Ok, this may not fall under the "small things" category, but...

I've decided that losing your hair is so much less stressful than when it grows back in. I'm really struggling to embrace my new locks right now. My original hair was very dark, almost black, and fine and shiny.  The hair that first began to grow back was dry, gray, and curly. Now it is not quite as gray or curly, but in between. It is still dry. After a year of growing it back it is still very thin and sparse. You can see my scalp underneath and there are a couple of really thin patches. It's very difficult to style and even when it does, it looks like I don't know how to fix my hair. Very frustrating.

Recently, well over the past year of taking Megestrol, my cortisol levels (a hormone that works very much like the thyroid) fell very low. It sapped all my energy, patience, and brain power. Life was challenging.  What would normally feel like a stressful situation I could handle became so overwhelming I would shutdown. Just like when your thyroid level is low your hair falls out, low cortisol did the same for me. It was tough. I'm normally pretty strong, but this was more difficult than chemo was for me. After working with my oncologist and endocrinologist, I was placed on a low dose steroid. My hair isn't better, but I do have better clarity, more energy, and much more happiness as a result.

So, I feel better, but I still have hair problems. I have used a number of excellent products. I have always taken care of my hair for fear of it becoming thin and damaged, ironic huh? My hair is better with them, but still not up to my own standard. For this reason, be prepared to see me in wigs, hats, or ugly hair until I decide that I like my hair enough again to wear it bare, unless it becomes too hot first. If you see me out and about and you think my hair looks great, chances are its a wig. So there!