Thursday, December 14, 2006

A day of firsts...

Yaaaaay Jack and Mallory!!!
Tuesday, Mallory cut her first tooth; and Jack said "DaDa."

Jack is also very mobile. He now crawls from room to room. He has this facination with doors and cords right now. Biscuit remains his favorite thing to look at, though. He is amazed by him.

Were your children captivated by your pets?

Visiting Santa Claus

This a picture from Jack and Cousin Mallory's first visit to see Santa. I have one of him by himself, but wanted to include Mallory. :) It's hard to tell that she's actually older than him, isn't it?

Family Pics~October

I am so blessed!

I love his little vest with the dark background and blocks. It looks "old-timey." None of his shoes fit that day. Now I always keep a pair in the next size up.

6 Month Pics~October

With his favorite sleeping buddy

He had just started standing. You can't tell...but I was just inches away, terrified he'd fall.

What a sweet baby!

These were all taken right after his second haircut. I didn't like the straight bangs.

Seasons Greetings!

Life gets so busy during the holidays, doesn't it? I'm glad that Kevin and I don't sweat the money deal. We celebrate advent each evening and reflect on Jesus's birth. We enjoy the Christmas lights, Santa Claus, social events, too; but we choose to enjoy the cheer of the season...and not rely on credit cards. :) Kevin and I haven't really been shopping together, but we have discussed all the details. We've pretty much tag-teamed with Jack.

One tradition Kevin and I have is to give to charities. His whole family does it. We take the money we would spend on each other and donate to a charity of choice. Kevin and I like to send out a letter or email explaining the gifts we purchased with the rest of the family's sacrifice. Last year, we got a thank you card from one of Kev's teenage nephews thanking us for the gift. What a message! I never really gave from the heart in that way before Kevin, besides a shoebox gift or something. He has taught me so much about giving. He is one of the most selfless givers I know. We adopt a family from the community who is truly in need or give to the Care Center. There is such a need. I can't wait for the day Jack will be old enough to pick out gifts for another child his age...maybe in a year or two.