Thursday, December 14, 2006

Seasons Greetings!

Life gets so busy during the holidays, doesn't it? I'm glad that Kevin and I don't sweat the money deal. We celebrate advent each evening and reflect on Jesus's birth. We enjoy the Christmas lights, Santa Claus, social events, too; but we choose to enjoy the cheer of the season...and not rely on credit cards. :) Kevin and I haven't really been shopping together, but we have discussed all the details. We've pretty much tag-teamed with Jack.

One tradition Kevin and I have is to give to charities. His whole family does it. We take the money we would spend on each other and donate to a charity of choice. Kevin and I like to send out a letter or email explaining the gifts we purchased with the rest of the family's sacrifice. Last year, we got a thank you card from one of Kev's teenage nephews thanking us for the gift. What a message! I never really gave from the heart in that way before Kevin, besides a shoebox gift or something. He has taught me so much about giving. He is one of the most selfless givers I know. We adopt a family from the community who is truly in need or give to the Care Center. There is such a need. I can't wait for the day Jack will be old enough to pick out gifts for another child his age...maybe in a year or two.

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