Friday, February 25, 2005


Well, it's not June yet, but I plan to sleep late in the morning. Kevin is home this weekend; then he goes back to VA. I have morning duty at the school an hour earlier than usual. So, I'm gonna get my rest tomorrow while Kevin plays golf with the guys. School is out in eleven weeks, not counting spring break. I can't wait. The weather has been warm this week; it feels like spring already. Other changes this week involve my diet. I've decided to start counting calories. I'm eating healthy, balanced meals; but I'm counting my calories. I feel better that's for sure. Amanda, my lil sis got married last weekend. It was romantic to see someone else get married and remember mine and Kevin's special ceremony. Everyone seemed to have a great time. I really liked the tuxedo pants. They weren't traditional black. They were a dark gray color with small pinstripes. You just have to see them to understand. I'll post some pictures as soon as I get some. Of course, I was so late ordering my own pictures; I still don't have any of them.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Maybe in June I'll sleep late...

I just can't believe how busy my life has become. I thought it would slow down after the wedding, but it hasn't.
After the wedding Kev and I went to New Orleans. We had a wonderful time and were able to rest. My favorite part was the naps we took everyday. We went to St. Louis Cathedral twice, mass and a Christmas concert. If you have never been to N'awlins in the winter, especially during the holidays, you're missing out on a real treat. We shopped, wandered around the quarter, and enjoyed some wonderful cuisine. We ate at Mr. B's, Bourbon House, Emeril's (my favorite), Cafe du Monde and some really good pubs. I gained about five pounds from all the good food!
Then we came home for Christmas. We spent our first Christmas at home together...Christmas Eve at my parents' house and Christmas morn with my brother and his children. It was especially nice for my parents to have all of their children home and happy with their significant others.
New Year's Eve we went to the Egans' for a quaint little get together. The Countrymans, Flournoys, and Morrises were also there. That was the last time I drank too much. My family came over to our home for New Year's Day. Instead of cooking a big feast, we all agreed to eat finger foods and snacks while watching football. It was a new tradition that I enjoyed. I hope it continues. How many large meals can one eat this time of year.
January 7-12 Kevin and I went to St. Kitts in the West Indies again. We had a great time. The weather there is always perfect. It did rain the first two days, but it really gave us a good excuse to recover from our long flight going down there. We had an eight hour layover! The charter company, Planet Air, kept postponing our flight by ten or twenty minutes at a time. We went into the casino a couple of times, read by the pool, shopped in the capital city of Basseterre, and drank. It was so much fun. We were glad to get home though.
After returning to Dixieland, I hosted a bridal shower for my sister Amanda; she's getting married February 19. It was very successful I think. That same weekend my dad had a stroke. So, the next two weeks were spent with him going back and forth to the hospital. We're very blessed to still have him with us. Before the two weeks would end, he would have two strokes and two surgeries. When he came home from the hospital Kevin and I helped take care of him. It's all been very exhausting. We're so thankful he's doing better. He is doing physical therapy at home.
We had the Superbowl party last weekend. Kevin and I hosted the preparty dinner for the staff members and golf tournament participants at our house. I was really proud. I handled the snack foods and desserts. Everyone was so complementary. Donna Egan did potatoes, Teri Morris did salad. Joey manned the grill. It was BYOB (Bring your own BEEF). Then the big party with about 250 people was Sunday. You know, that's when Kevin and I last year's Superbowl party. Everyone was excited to see us there together and married this year. It was pretty cool to be the Riley's.
So, this week I'm back to work full time, and Kevin started his travels again. We started a Renew Catholic class at the church Tuesday, and I'm loving it. Yesterday was Ash Wednesday. So the Lent season has arrived. I am giving up all carbonated drinks and spending an extra 15 minutes daily in meditation with God. I had RCIA class tonight. I have my Rite of Election service Saturday night, and Valentine's Day is Monday (complete with 4th grade Valentine's Day parties). Amanda's wedding is next Saturday. We've got a family reunion coming up and I'm hoping to get to Tupelo to see Kevin's mother sometime soon.
Maybe in June I'll sleep late.