Sunday, October 24, 2004

55 Days

I went to the Denson's Bridal Shop today to be fitted for wedding dress alterations. I went alone because of several was working, my sister Amanda (who is newly engaged)was in the mountains, Carolyn (who is newly married) just returned from her own honeymoon to a new house full of boxes, Robin (who is a die-hard Auburn fan) was at the football game with her family, Joannie(who is 8 1/2 months pregnant)had to take her one-year-old to a birthday party, I just felt like being alone.

While there a few things occurred to me...
  • I'm glad I'm getting married in December, because my dress is so hot.
  • I'm glad my dress size hasn't changed since July when I ordered it.
  • I really hate standing still.
  • I wonder if my hem will be straight since I keep having to shuffle on my feet.
  • I think it takes longer to have your wedding dress pinned for altering than it actually takes to wear it for the ceremony.
  • The train on my wedding dress is longer than I realized (semi-cathedral).
  • My dress is more beautiful than I remembered.
  • I wonder if I could get away with wearing my dress on Halloween to go trick-or-treating (you know, break it in and all).
  • Maybe I should wear it around the house for a week or so (or at least on every anniversary thereafter) to get my (& Kevin's) money's worth out of it.
  • I once thought I'd sell it after the wedding, but now I don't think I can part with it.
  • I'm happy that my wonderful Kevin wanted to have this wedding after all. I feel like a beautiful princess.

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A Friend said...

Your dress sounds beautiful, Cindy!