Sunday, September 26, 2004

Another Check

Kevin and I ordered our wedding invitations today. I am so excited! I think they look simple and elegant, much like my dress. We chose them a while back. In fact, they were the first thing we really decided about the wedding. I still need to finish logging all of the addresses for the invitations, though.
The last time we visited Kevin's mother in Tupelo I went McRaes to register for all the folks there. They don't have a Dillard's or a Bed, Bath, and Beyond (where we're registered in Alabama). Mrs. Riley went with me. Well, the whole thing was a little overwhelming for me. So, I told her that I'd just finish it in Alabama. At the time I didn't realize that the McRaes in Montgomery had closed. So, today, when I took Kev to the airport in Birmingham, I went to Galleria where they have another McRaes. Only when I got there I discovered that it is closed for the week because there is a Profits (owned by the same company) opening at the Galleria as well and they're moving merchandise around. Lucky me...On to plan C...Kevin has promised me that we will go to the McRaes in Tupelo next weekend when we go to the Jack Riley Charity Golf Tournament to help raise money for a sanctuary for the Hospice House.

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