Saturday, September 25, 2004

84 Days More!

I cannot believe there are only 84 more days until the wedding! This week I met with the florist and ordered the flowers for bouquets, boutineers, corsages, and the like. I can't tell you how relieved I am to have that out of the way. I hope they'll look nice. I have no doubt that the arrangements will be beautiful, because Dunn's always does a fabulous job when Kevin sends me flowers from there. However, they can only do what I tell them to do, and making up my mind was the hard part. Now I know why so many people get married in the spring...there are so many flowers in season to choose from. I wanted fresh flowers and that's exactly what I got. The bridesmaids will have dark red classy roses and white roses. My bouquet will have white roses (like I originally wanted) and red and white minuette roses with Christmas greenery and sweetheart roses. I decided not to go with the stargazer lilies because they're so expensive. Kevin is still taking it all in stride. He's excited about the wedding too. He even acts interested when I show him things.
Tonyell, my "mintee," at school came into my classroom the other day and I was dusting. I told her since I didn't feel like I could get all my teacher stuff done, I'd demoted my self to cleaning lady. That just felt more manageable at that particular moment in time. She said, "Well, Cindy, you've go a whole lot going on right now. " I asked her what she meant. T said, "Well, you know, with the wedding and all." I said,"Girl, I am not worried about that wedding. Worst case scenerio...the punch will spill, the cake will fall, the flowers will be ugly, but in the end I'll still be Mrs. Riley." I don't want to jinx the wedding, but I truly meant that. I'm so excited!

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