Friday, December 10, 2004

Only the beginning...

Wow, What a year! As the wedding date approaches I think of all the changes in my life since January. Kevin and I will be married in only eight days. In some ways I look at December 18th as an end to a long and winding search for the person God intended for me, to all the planning and preparation for the big day, an end to being called Ms. Miller by my students, and so on. Really though, this is only the beginning. I'm excited about the wedding and know it will be beautiful, but more than anything I'm excited about marrying my one and only true love. I'm more excited about the marriage than about the wedding. Kevin and I, both, realize there will be difficult times ahead, but there will also be countless days of smiles, laughter, happiness, friendship, and comfort mixed in. Kevin is my very best friend. Just being near him elicits a contentedness I never experienced before. I am overjoyed at the mere thought of being a family with him. We pray daily that God will bless us with a beautiful family to raise in a Christian home. Kevin reminds me all the time that God has so many plans in store for us. Please pray for us as we begin the next chapter in our lives together. Pray that we will actively seek God's will for our lives and our family, that we will listen. Pray that we will be an example and blessing to those we encounter in our daily lives, even when we don't realize it.


carolyn said...

Look at the time on this! Are you sleeping????

Cindy said...

Yes, I slept from 10pm until 3am and then from 4am until 6am. That's seven hours of sleep, more than my students who went to the state playoff game last night in Hoover got.

Anonymous said...

Yes baby I hope you keep God in yours and Kevins life. Always ask him for leadership and what his will is and do as he leads you to do.God is good!!
I am so proud for you. I wish everybody could be as happy as you.Kevin is so calm, cool and low keyed to everything.Oh, every woman's dream. I envy you so much.
I love you so. All I want is for you to be happy.