Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The big day continues to get closer and closer...31 days. My friends, Carolyn Slocum and Robin Harp, and my sister hosted a shower for me last Saturday at Carolyn's new home. It was all very nice. Some local friends and relatives came. We had a lot of fun playing games and there were some emotional moments where they all had nice things to say about Kevin and me. There was a bridal beauty pageant (we're still not sure who won, there may have been a forfeiting technicality). It was all a lot of fun though. Kevin and I received some very nice gifts that we're really excited about. This week I have talked with the place where I am renting some things. They're gonna let me pick their stuff up a day earlier so we can get the church ready on Thursday. I have received the flower girl's basket in the mail. Mom and I picked up more decoration stuff this weekend in Wetumpka at Cafco. I'm still sending out thank you notes. I mailed out invitations to the rehearsal and dinner today. Tonight I'm working on invitations for the bridesmaids' luncheon. I'm really excited about them. I think they are so cute! We're getting response cards in daily. There will be more out of town guests than we originally expected. We're really excited about that. I have to order napkins. Kevin and I have to get plastic-ware for the reception still. We need a really good wassail recipe. We need to work on our list for the DJ at the reception. Add a response for any good songs you and your true love would like to hear at the reception. We want everyone to have a good time. We are both so excited!

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carolyn said...

It would be great if he played "You say it best when you say nothing at all" by Allison Crouse. That's the song Jessica sang at our wedding.

I'm sure you guys have your own special ones.

It sounds wonderful!