Wednesday, November 03, 2004

45 Days

Another busy week in the wedding planning department...

First of all, Kevin and I helped the Egans and Morrises cater a Halloween party for one of their friend's office at Buena Vista. Proceeds go toward the Miller-Riley rehearsal dinner. Kevin served food, while I served alcohol. What kind of alcohol did I serve you might ask? Well, I'll tell ya...sodas, beer, wine, and yep, you guessed it...Sex on the Beach. I was so embarrassed to have old ladies ask me what I was serving and have to tell them that. Well, whether they drank or not they of course had to have some. I should have changed the name of it. When things slowed down, Kevin and I were able to enjoy the party a little ourselves. We ate and danced and had a pretty good time. I was tired by the end of the night. I actually got into the truck and waited for Kevin five minutes before he was able to leave.

Secondly, we went to Tupelo for our first wedding shower. I was so nervous about going. My parents also came to Tupelo so my mother could attend the shower with me. It was hosted by several of Kevin's mother's closest friends (Gail Boland, Rita Suchanick, Kay Riddell, Betty Harder, & Julie Bataille). Everyone was so nice! It's a little awkward to open so many gifts from people you've never even met before. There was a really good turn-out. Kevin and I received some really nice gifts. We're both so excited. We absolutely loved everything, but are most excited about getting some of our china. I mailed thank-you notes out today. I'm glad to be caught up on all of that.

I have been expecting a package of stuff I ordered for the wedding since I ordered it on October 12. When I called to check on it today, they said that it had been shipped on October 18 and delivered by Airborne Express on November 1. We didn't get it. After calling around and waiting on hold for a while, I finally found out that the driver didn't know where the house was so he just took the package back saying that there was no such address. The good news is that Kevin has volunteered to go get it on Friday. Another check off the list.

My mother helped me finish sealing and stamping the invitations last night. I was so excited to be taking them to the post office today (in the rain) only to find out that there was not enough postage. So, I bought 200 ten-cent stamps and 200 two-cent stamps and went home to add them to the envelopes. Good thing I did, because I discovered several invitations (almost 20) that didn't even have a 37-cent stamp on them. At long last, they're finished! I'm mailing them tomorrow.

The next bad thing that happened today (besides being rained on for seven hours at an outdoor field trip) is that I received a Fed Ex package from the shower I had on Sunday. It was a dinner plate I had been excited about, only it was the wrong pattern, very similar, but not mine. Kevin and I chose Noritake Silver Palace, and this was Lenox Opal innocence. So, I have to find out how to exchange it. The correct pattern was requested, but shipped wrong. Not a big deal, just another thing that happened to me today.

Also, I found out that the directions on the invitations for the November 13 bridal shower are incorrect. They say to turn right onto Northington Road, but it should be turn left.

The bridal portrait has been rescheduled for Sunday, because the ground will be so wet tomorrow from all the rain we got today. I did pick my dress up for it today, though.

Kevin and I added 3 1/2 ushers to the wedding party today. His three oldest nephews (Sean, Matt, and Ben) are going to wear tuxedos and seat people. Drew is going to greet people at the door and hand out programs. He was citizen of the year last year, ya know.

Guess that's about it for now.

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