Saturday, November 06, 2004

42 Days

Fridays are always nice, but yesterday was especially nice. My daily life is just so much fuller than it once was. Kevin and I are so happy together. He is absolutely my very best friend. When I got in from school yesterday, he was sitting in the backyard playing with Biscuit and Birdie enjoying a beer, having just finished cutting the grass (Yes, grass still gets cut in November in Alabama). We just sat and talked about our day for almost an hour. These are the special times, the quiet moments. We had date plans to go see a movie, the new Ray Charles one; but changed them. We decided to just go to dinner and visit a friend instead. We visited Kevin's friend, Dan Self and his wife Mary Kay in their way cool garage. It was freezing, but fun. Kevin and I are both social bugs by nature. Dan is so funny and witty, one of Kevin's favorite people I think. Then we went to dinner at Bone Fish Grill, one our favorite places to frequent. I was surprised to run into a parent of a little girl I taught last year who had moved to Illinois. Her mom was visiting some friends. We had a wonderful dinner. Kevin had the filet mignon, and I had the mahi mahi. I can't tell you how excited Kevin was to learn that red cabbage was the seasonal vegetable, AFTER it was already on his plate of course. Our radient server was "Sunny." Anyway, it was all so nice. I think I would have enjoyed dinner as much at McDonalds, as long as KJ was there.

Today we are going to the Alabama-Mississippi State game. I'm an Alabama fan, and Kevin went to Mississippi State, you know. We're excited about going. I've been to college games before, but I'm most excited about going to this one, it's my first Alabama game. Kevin and I even have a friendly little wager. The Morrises are going too. Can't wait to get the day started! Gotta run!

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