Wednesday, November 10, 2004


I can just hear the money falling...right out of my pocket book that is. The wedding planning is pretty much over...yes I said it...OVER! Now all we have to do is pay for the thing. I'm proud to say that Kevin and I have been paying for it as we go, so there won't be any wedding bills on our first anniversary, thank the good Lord! I think it will be beautiful, but even if it isn't we'll still be husband and wife. We have tried very hard to make our wedding uniquely ours. With a mere thirty-seven days left we have finished planning the ceremony this week and paying for the flowers, all except the poinsettias that we pick up next month. We have reserved all the rental stuff, chosen the music and musicians and DJ, settled the reception menu and begun to receive response cards. I have to finish the programs, send out rehearsal invitations, make a list of what goes where for clean-up purposes after the wedding when we're gone, select music for the reception and pay for a few other things. Kevin has to arrange for the alcohol, get fitted for his tuxedo, get his ring sized, pick up plastic-ware for the reception, and pay for the same few other things that I have to pay for. We still have to get our marriage license. Can't wait to check those things off our list.

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