Friday, July 23, 2004


I am having a terrible time deciding what kind of flowers I want the bridesmaids to carry. I know I want fresh, hand held flowers; but I can't decide exactly what. The girls are wearing a dark red color. The church has red carpet. I think I would like to see them with dark red, pinks, and whites mixed together. I think stargazer lilies would be beautiful, but I'm not sure how expensive they would be. I would love them to hold just the plain roses wrapped in ribbon, too. I think that pink and a few white poinsettas would be beautiful in the church. Does this sound crazy? Should I just stick with the pink poinsettas? I think the red poinsettas are too bright for the bridesmaids dresses. I'm open to suggestions.

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carolyn said...


I think red poinsettias would be too much red just as you thought. I would stick with pink and white. There is a marbled one that is very pretty you might want to look at. As far as what the girls carry I think you are on the right track. I know you are doing Christmas colors so it's red, white, and pink? Is that correct? I would call a florist and see what they suggest.

Best wishes! Carolyn