Monday, June 13, 2005

Kev and I made it to the Braves game Saturday in record time and really enjoyed ourselves. I really think I'm a Lexus Level girl. I like the fact that when you go to concessions on that level they're air-conditioned. The Braves won and it was a really close game against Oakland. One of the guys playing for the Braves was Brian McCann. We saw him playing against the Biscuits earlier this summer for the Jackson Braves. Friday night was his first game in Atlanta. He had an RBI. Saturday, when we were there, he hit an out-of-the-park homer. Wow! How impressive! He plays catcher. I think it's cool that he was only 4 when Smoltz started his career. He has an autographed picture of him with John when he was 12. How cool is that?

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