Sunday, February 12, 2006

57 Days and Counting...

Our beautiful birthmother is due to deliver our son in 57 days. Kevin reminded me today that 57 days is the same amount of time it's been since our anniversary in December. It seems like that was only yesterday. Hopefully, our 57 days until Jack's birthday will go by quickly.

The nursery is ready. We added the rocking chair last week. Jen, you'll be proud...found it at an antique flea market in downtown P'ville for $40.00! What a bargain! I wasn't necessarily looking for an old one, just won that was "calling out to me" and matched the other furniture. Kevin and I found it while looking around before lunch at the Pasta Mill the other day.

We have found a place to stay for the two weeks or so after the birth with our little Jack while we're waiting for the Interstate Compact to be satisfied. The adoption will be irrevocable after 48 hours, but we'll have to wait for the ICPC to be complete before we can leave Texas with our son.

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