Monday, November 13, 2006

Ok...I'm sorry!!! I have very little time left in my life. It's been difficult getting to the blog lately, but I've missed you all.

Today is a perfect example of my chaos...I went to the grocery store around 7 am before Kevin left bright and early for a business trip . He was kind enough to take Biscuit to the vet on his way out of town. Incidently, the vet called for my doggie about 10 minutes before Kevin left. We had to call a neighbor to see if she could help watch Jack while I pick Biscuit up this afternoon. He was going to be sedated and I didn't think it safe to drive with a scared dog and a 7 month old. Poor Biscuit has a torn ACL. He has to have surgery next week, but they had to sedate him today to be absolutely sure that's what he needed. Jack was very active playing while I was leading conference calls, calling my students, and returning a weekend's worth of emails. He was very happy as long as I stayed in his direct line of vision. He's so much fun, but he's also at that stage where mommy must be present at all times. He's teething again,, fun. He was dressed in a very cute, warm, and fuzzy sweatsuit until he puked all over himself at lunch. Not sure why that happened. He's not usually a puker. Maybe I fed him too fast. I spent lunch tending to frustrating "lazy student who doesn't understand why she's failing" issues. My 9 year old nephew went missing after school today because he all of a sudden decided he was old enough to hoof it with his cool friends. Of course both parents call his teacher aunt who's no longer a teacher. I spend 15 minutes trying to locate him at school, until we learn where he is and 10 minutes talking to everyone who kindly calls me back to report it. By this time I'm about 30 minutes late on phone call appointments with students. The vet calls for me to come get Biscuit, who it turns out DOES need surgery. It also turns out that he was afraid at the vet and needs to be crate trained in a week to prepare for his surgery and the recovery time he's going to spend in a crate while we travel for Thanksgiving. My little neighbor comes to watch Jack while I get Biscuit. By the time we get back, I'm 1 1/2 hours late on my calls. I finally feed Jack who's also wiped out. Then I spend the evening catching up on emails that should have been received during the chaos.

We're also selling our house, which I love, because we need more space. I know, you'd think 3 people could function in a 4 bedroom-2 bath house. Not so. I have a home office. Kevin has a home office. We have a bedroom. Jack has a bedroom. We hope to adopt again in a couple years and will need a bedroom for baby #2, we'll use for a guestroom until then. We love to entertain and need a dining room. We've been looking at houses for about 6 months now and have fallen in love with two in the same neighborhood. All we have to do is sell our house. So, if you know where I live and know someone interested. Have them contact me. The house is for sell at a great price. We want to move ASAP!

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