Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Hot and Heavy!

Hot and Heavy...That's basically the weather forecast here in Mississippi for the foreseeable future...probably until the end of October if you want to know the truth. The temperature is about 100, give or take a degree, and I am absolutely psyched about it! I'm sure you must think I have been in the heat a little too long or lost my mind. Let me assure you I haven't.

Last April I found out I was sick again. One of the requirements of my chemo regimen was that I stay out of the sun. I couldn't really handle it anyway. This summer is different. I can do whatever I like. I have enjoyed being outside...getting my flower beds back into shape,  planting flowers, watering flowers, watching Jack play and Kevin grill. I'm not so pasty anymore. My color is coming back. I love my life.  I feel my energy and strength returning.  We've enjoyed swimming, visiting with friends, going to baseball games.  I love the smell of sunscreen on my little brown boy. Every single day is a precious gift.

When I think of all the changes we've been through this past year, it makes me almost cry...Cancer, Luz went home, 8 inches of snow, We lost Birdie and gained Bogey, Aurora and Natalee moved on,  Kevin lost his job, Kevin was blessed with an even better job, Jack graduated preschool...I was here for each and every one of them, good and bad. Now, we anxiously look forward to a summer visit from our beloved Mexican daughter, Luz. I cannot wait to see her!

I am grateful for every experience I have and that cancer helped to refocus my priorities.

Happy Summer!

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