Saturday, May 16, 2015

Adoption Update

What we've been doing...

We have been especially busy completing paperwork for our adoption. We finally completed all of the paperwork necessary for our home study last week and mailed it off.  We went to Education Day at the Jackson office a few weeks ago.  It was fun to be in a room with several other couples going down the same path as we are, though the others were all seeking domestic adoption. We have attended two different online training webinars, one focusing on taking the fear out of adoption and another focusing on adopting special needs children.  Kevin and I are on the approved list for special needs children.  We decide what kinds of special needs are most compatible with our family and have the ultimate decision on what we are willing to accept. In all, we are required to have at least 30 hours of training. We are up to 10 1/2 each so far. We fell in love with one particular little boy in recent weeks, but sadly discovered on Wednesday that he has been matched to another family who already has a completed home study.  We learned with Jack and the adoption that fell through before he was born, that God already knows which child will complete our family.  While we accept that, it was still difficult to stop the tears and mourning for this child we had already fallen in love with. From this point forward, I will not be looking a child profiles until our home study is complete to prevent the sadness again.

What we are doing now...

We are now preparing for our first home study visit next week.  So, prayers are much appreciated. We will have several visits with our social worker, some at our home and some at their office. We have much fundraising to do. Please help us in any way you can. Adoption is very expensive and we do not have this money saved up already. We are trusting in God that our friends, family, church, friends of friends, and all those interested in the sanctity of life will help us bring Jack's sibling home. Puzzle piece sales have stalled, most likely because I have been too busy to update this blog.  I plan to do better. We have sold 139 pieces at $10 each, and have 861 left to sell. If each of my FB "friends" were to buy one piece, the puzzle would be filled. Here is what we have so far:
Those interested in purchasing pieces can do so via my paypal account: Or you can use the "Make a contribution" button on the top right side of this page to take you directly there. I would like to especially thank Heather Palmer, Shari Leib (Critter Sitterz), Stacie Stowe, Dana Dobryanska, Stacy Rajab, Dean and Joyce Rockhold, and Sam and Ann Burkett for recently purchasing pieces.

We have also designed, with the help of sweet Jack, a t-shirt to be sold in support of our adoption.  Our goal is to sell 200 shirts.  The sell ends May 30th. So far, we have sold 17.  These shirts will be delivered to your door.  Please buy one or a few for your family, ask friends and family to buy one.  We earn over $9 from the purchase of each shirt. Shirts can be purchased at the Riley Adoption Fund.

 The Chinese characters on back say "Hope." 

I would like to thank Susan Johnson, Emily Burns, Sandy Bradshaw, Allison Johnson, Joyce Riley, Kristen Riley, Catrina Leamon, Hannah Kendall, Cindy Bailey and Donna Mitchell for already purchasing t-shirts.

What we are going to do...

We have much fundraising left to do. Please continue to pray for us and let us know how you might be able to help complete our family.  We are open to ideas for bake sales, tournaments, fundraisers, etc... We have home study visits scheduled for May 20, May 27th, and June 10. 

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