Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Party of 4...almost!!!

Wow! God is so good! Things seem to be moving along. We have been so excited about several opportunities since November. In the end, we had two families select us and another agency match us with a foster child after we were matched with the child we had already chosen.  Before the end of 2015 we pray/hope/plan to be parents to four-year-old Samuel from China. Sam has a few special needs, but none that we cannot deal with or make him too special to be Jack Riley's little brother.  Our family of four will have three native ethnicities and only one God, how cool! Recently, I showed Sam's picture to someone at Jack's school and they thought it was Jack, even cooler!

Like Jack, Sam has a lazy eye. Like Jack, Sam is too cute for words. Like Jack, Sam is very smart in his preschool classroom. Like Jack, Sam wears glasses. Like Jack, Sam prefers pants with elastic. Like Jack, Sam isn't very tall, but don't tell Jack I said that. Like Jack, Sam has black hair. Like Jack, Sam is adored by one Cindy Riley and one Kevin Riley. Unlike Jack, Sam has an older brother in the Riley household who cannot wait for him. :)

Sam is 4. He is small for his age. He has hydrocephalus, glasses, and other special needs. He has a large family in Virginia and a "hugging granny" in China who love him more than you can imagine. He loves to read and loves arts and crafts. We cannot wait to add him to our busy family.

The papers have been signed. VA has approved the ICPC. Now it is in the state of MS. If MS signs off before Friday he will be a Riley in 2015...if not it will be 2016. None-the-less he will be a Riley. God's time. We are praying for sooner rather than later. Still, God's time is best.


Heather Palmer said...

I am soooo happy for your precious family. He is so blessed already and has no idea! Can't wait to meet little Sam!

Tara Roof said...

Cindy, This is wonderful news!! Congratulations! What part of China? I imagine you will be going to Guangzhou at some point to finalize?? We were just there, so let me know if you need recommendations for food and things to do, im so excited for you guys!!