Friday, March 04, 2005

Sleep at last,

Boy, did I sleep late last weekend! I got up to see KJ off to his "man party" on the golf course, then I napped on the couch until about 11:30. The only reason I got up then was because I'd promised Kevin I would pick up some copies for him at the UPS store before 1:00. I took a shower, but I didn't even fix my hair or make-up. That is SO NOT LIKE ME! I just put the hair up in an extremely short ponytail with a ball cap. I didn't look bad, just not as colorful and lively as possible. Well, I should have known something was wrong when I napped for such a long time to begin with. I watched the Oscars Sunday night (loved Jamie Fox's acceptance speech for Ray) but by Monday morning I had a terrible cold, stuffy nose, terrible pounding headache, cold in my eyes. I was so tired and achy I couldn't sleep. I didn't have any fever, though. I had a field trip on Tuesday; part of it was outside in the cold. When I got home at 3:30 Tuesday, I went straight to bed. I slept the entire afternoon and night. Only waking to answer the phone. Kevin was just as sick in VA all week. I'm just glad he had Kristy up there to take care of him. I'm feeling better now, but he's still pitiful. Poor baby! I'm so glad he's home. Fixed him a good dinner and tucked him in. Biscuit and Birdie are keeping him company.

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