Sunday, January 15, 2006

Hurry up, Mallory!

Amanda & Mallory with Nana and Granny

Opening gifts for Little Mallory

After all of the negative stress of the last two weeks, this weekend I enjoyed hosting a baby shower for Amanda and Mallory. BJ and Beth helped. We had a good turnout, and it was a lot of fun. Amanda was glowing. She is really enjoying this part of her pregnancy. We played a couple of cute games. Keri and Connie tied with an exact match of how many tissue squares equal the circumference of Amanda's perfectly round belly. Trina really knows her chocolate! She scored a perfect 8 in guessing which candy bar poo was in which diaper. Of course, she had some help from Karen...I really think it was a group effort. Our little niece Katelyn did a marvelous job of answering the door for our guests. Poor Tony...Amanda kept him up until midnight looking at all of their new stuff. Can't wait to meet you Mallory!

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A Friend said...

Amanda, enjoy your sleep. ENJOY IT! You and Mr. Sleep won't see much of eachother in the upcoming months.


I tried not to be THAT MOM, but
I can't help it.:)

Congrats on your little one! BUT ENJOY YOUR SLEEP NOW!!!! :)