Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, Off to Grandma's House We Go...

Kevin, Jack, and I decided it was time to pay Grandma (KJs mom) another visit. So, Friday we packed up everything but the kitchen sink and headed northwest. We took clothes, bottles, formula, diaper stuff, a pack-and-play, baby gym, portable swing...You name it, we probably took it! Thank God for Trailblazers! Jack is such a good little travelin' man. He pretty much slept the whole way (3 1/2 hours). He didn't get hungry until about 20 minutes from Grandma's, which was about an hour overdue.

Grandma had a great time getting reacquainted with her newest little man. He was well behaved as always. He's getting so big it's difficult for her to walk with him. He was even on his best behavior during our trip to the "Club-Club." The local country club/golf course. Everyone at church had to get a good look and hold him. We were all so proud to show him off!

Of course there were lots of "Now where is he from?" questions. The funny thing is that since we were out of state, I almost said our home state. I guess I didn't realize what they meant at first. The latest where is Jack from question was..."Is he from Guatemala?" It doesn't bother me really. I just don't recall ever asking someone that. I guess inquiring minds just want to know.

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A Friend said...

I'd love for you to tell people, "Nunya. He's from Nunya."