Sunday, January 06, 2008, it's been a while. I'm sure my blog is rarely visited anymore it's been so long. Well, the new year brings a new resolve to keep my blog updated. I will take the time to update it, so I would appreciate it if you take the time to comment. Say, "hello;" let me know you're out there!

To make up for my posting deficiencies in 2007, I'm posting memories from the year.
  • January~We decided to move to Mississippi to be closer to Kev's mom, and put the house on the market with a realtor.
  • February~The house sold in about a week. We accepted a contract, shopped for a house in Mississippi and moved all before February 21. It was a whirlwind month to say the least. Jack saw his first snow while visiting MS for a house shopping trip. Can I just say that I hate boxes?
  • March~We have never been sicker. Jack is usually healthy, but a new town brought a new set of germs. He became sick our second day or so in MS and couldn't stay well just about the whole month of March. Kev and I got sick, too.
  • April~Jack turned 1 on April 4th, and Easter was on April 8th. We celebrated Jack's birthday on Easter with the family so all of his grandparents could be here. Uncle D and Uncle Tim's fams also came. I was sad that we weren't in P'ville where our "home friends" could come to Jack's party. We had Easter before lunch and birthday after lunch. Jack had a blast and knew it was his big day. It was unseasonably cool for April. Jack loved hunting Easter eggs and digging into his Easter basket. He wanted to find the eggs, examine them carefully, and return them to their secret spot. Uncle Kev and Aunt Cindy were repaid for all of the awesome gifts we'd given to nieces and nephews over the years when Jack received his first drum. Thanks Aunt Kristy! He still bangs on that thing. I was finally confirmed in the Catholic church the next week. It was a very emotional day for me. I waited almost 3 years for this.
  • May~I know it was my birthday and Mother's Day. I celebrated both on the same day. Kevin separated them for me. He's an angel. I went to my first ever Gum Tree Festival. Other than that it was a very busy work month for me. Jack started daycare. I started thinking that I missed the classroom and wanted to go back into teaching. It's hard moving to a new place when you work inside the home and your child is too young to participate in community activities.
  • June~My brother-in-law's National Guard unit was activated stateside to cover for an overseas group in Virginia, leaving Amanda at home with a 1 year old and a turkey in the oven. He also had to spend a few weeks in New Orleans for war games. I felt terrible to be four hours away from my little sis when he was gone. I applied for a classroom job and was hired the day I interviewed, pending board approval of course. I was sooooo excited! What was I thinking? Did I forget about all the preparation that goes into being a teacher? Kev and I took our first trip together since Jack was born. We went to the beach and left Jack with Granny. We were only gone a few days and had a great time. We didn't take Jack because he wasn't walking very sturdy yet. All we could do was think about him and wonder what he was doing. Every little kid we saw was Jack to us. We ate well, very well. :) We rested, too. On the last day, though, I was dressed and ready to go see my little coconut before Kev was even awake. He still thinks that's funny.
  • July~A very pregnant Amanda and Mallory came for the 4th of July. I truly enjoyed seeing my little sister. We took the kids to the fireworks in the park. It was sticky hot, but Mallory and Jack had so much fun. There was surprise parade through the neighborhood. We watched the kids riding ATVs, motorcycles, bicycles, and a flatbed trailer from our front yard. WGU had graduation in July. So, I got to see my buddies in SLC. My favorite part of graduation was seeing Ngozika graduate. She is the most inspirational person I've ever met. Nothing has ever come easy for her.

  • August~Welcome to the world Cousin Savannah! She is a beautiful bundle of joy! Her mommy thinks she looks like me, but I don't see it. I went back to the classroom teaching 4th grade.

  • September~lesson planning, paper grading, parent calling, lesson planning, meetings, paper grading, lesson planning...Need I say more?

  • October~Family sponsored charity golf tournament. Kevin's mom works hard all year planning for this. Kevin played a larger roll in the planning this year. The tournament was successful. We all had a great time. Thanks to all who supported the fund raiser for the Sanctuary Hospice House. We took Jack to the most pitiful pumpkin patch I've ever seen. He didn't care. He had fun jumping the ruts in field. It was all about Jack. Jack was the cutest Elvis you've ever seen for Halloween. He didn't like the costume at first, because of the big collar. Once he realized he was going to get to listen to Elvis music, ride in his red wagon, AND people were giving him candy all at the same time...he had a blast.

  • November~We spent Thanksgiving with my family in Alabama. This is the first time in a few years we have done so. It's so hard fitting everyone into our short trips. I spent all my time off traveling. I was beyond tired when I returned to school. I can't do that anymore. We deserve restful vacations too.

  • December~I stayed so busy with school planning for Christmas Around the World that I had no time, and little money, for Christmas shopping. Christmas in Mexico was a success, and I finally had some time, and money, for Christmas shopping. Jack was good about the tree. He rarely touched the ornaments and brought them to me when he did. He didn't like the way the needles fell to the floor as we got it situated in the living room. He wiped them with paper towels. :) Amanda and Mallory visited in early December. Cousin Savannah stayed with Nana. Her Daddy was activated again for a few weeks in the Gulf of Mexico. We had so much fun! We all, including Kevin, went to the Christmas parade Saturday morning. The kids love the pets from the humane shelter and the horses best. Then Amanda and I took the kids to Disney on Ice that night. I have never seen Jack sit so still. They were absolutely mesmerised. When we left, Mallory kept saying, "Go Cinderella!" She loves her Uncle Kevin. They played, played, played. Kevin kept the kids after Disney on Ice so my lil sis and I could go out to dinner. It's been forever since we could go out together.


Melanie Olson said...

I'm reading it! :) I added the link to your blog on mine. Thanks so much for your call the other day. I am SO excited!!! Love ya!

Cindy said...

I'm so glad you are. I'm enjoying keeping up with your blog, too. I'll try to get a link to yours on here soon. I wish we lived closer.