Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Zoo, kind of...

Kevin and I took Jack to Pet Smart yesterday. We weren't shopping for anything, we just visited. For Jack, going to Pet Smart on a Saturday morning is pretty much like going to the zoo. The difference? Jack gets to pet all the dogs coming in for training class. First of all, we stop by the "bud" cages. The was enamered with the green and blue parakeets. The flitted around, flapped their wings and put on a pretty good show for him. We must have stood there for 10 minutes while he watched them. He pointed out every single bird, as if I might not notice them.

The reptiles were close by, and there was a really cool turtle. So, I let Jack stand on a mobile step the workers use and showed him the turtle. Have you ever read Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing? Fudge eats his brothers turtle. Well, Jack doesn't think turtles are as cool as Farley Drexel Hatcher does. He wanted down immediately. I asked, "What's wrong? You don't like the turtles?" Jack replied with a violent shake of the head and firm, "NO!" "Ok, bud, let's go find something else."

Next, the parade of disobedient, or so their owners think, dogs began. Jack was the Pet Smart greeter. He was so cute. They should pay him to bring customers into the store. He petted chihuahuas, labs, muts, you name it. One man had dachsons and Jack sat down in the floor beside them to play. :)

After that, we went into the cat room. Jack loves our neighbors' cat. So, I figured he'd be good with the ones at Pet Smart. Well, let me tell you, he was in absolute heaven! He played and played and played. He was so sad when he had to tell the bye. He kept looking back over his shoulder, almost made me want to adopt one. I'd rather let him play with the neighbors' cat.

I remembered that Biscuit and Birdie need new tags with our new phone and address info on them. We used the engraving machine to make two. Jack thought that was pretty cool, but not anywhere near as awesome as the automatic doors. He kept walking up to them to get them to open automatically. He'd walk up and squat with his hands on his knees waiting. We laughed loudest when he'd have to scoot up closer because he hadn't crossed the magical open the doors line.

We had so much fun, and didn't have to pay admission!

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Audrey said...

How fun. When my girls were younger we'd go to the pound and take dogs for walks and play with them. They girls had a blast.

Audrey :)