Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A sibling for Jack...

Kevin and I have started the adoption process again. Since Jack was very little we have wanted him to have a sister or brother to share his life with; but life always seemed to have other plans for us, mostly returning foster children to their original parents after we nursed them back to health. Each year we ask ourselves who God wants us to be in the coming year. This new year we looked around and felt like we may have one last opportunity to add to our family. The process will take 12- 18 months we thing with Bethany Christian Services. We are pursuing international option and are looking specifically at China or Hong Kong. Ideally, we would look for a child younger than Jack and personally would love to have a little sister for him. We would love for him to be the "big brother." Having said that we certainly will let God make that call and any child we would be fortunate enough to bring into our family will be deeply loved and a true blessing.

We are only in the beginning stages of a very long and emotional process.  While I have been in remission with no evidence of cancer since 2010, we still worry that it may stand in the way.  Your prayer and support is greatly appreciated. Also, this is a very expensive stay tuned of opportunities for financial support as well. 

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