Monday, February 23, 2015

Formal Application Approved!

We finally received the letter from my oncologist we needed to establish that I have been cancer-free since 2010.  Kevin will tell you that I had a small meltdown when I realized it said January 2011 instead of Fall 2010.  I know, six months sounds like small fries...unless you've ever had cancer or wanted to adopt a child...both in this case. :) Nonetheless, my better half reminded me to stop, smell the roses, and smile for all our many blessings. Turns out he was right...I know, not the first time, and surely not the last. We submitted the final piece to our formal adoption application with Bethany and received notice this morning that we were approved! YAY! What a load off my the next round of worries begin. 

I always remember Fr. Henry's admonishment that worry is your way of telling God that you think he can't handle it, that he hasn't worked out the details.  I know he has. I learned that with Jack's adoption. God's WILL will prevail, and it will be best for our family.  Still, I am anxious to know the outcome. :) 

Next, we complete more paperwork, submit it along with our first financial installment among many along the road of adoption.  Thanks to those of you who have already contributed financially and through prayer to facilitate the growth of the Tupelo Rileys. :) 

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Tara Roof said...

What wonderful news! We will be thinking of y'all and praying for your journey!! We are just a step ahead of you in our process so if you have questions, let me know. I might be able to help! Or if you just want to vent frustration or cry because you're overwhelmed, call me!