Monday, November 14, 2005

Adoption News

I know you must think I'm crazy everytime I update this blog with "more baby news," but you can just imagine how crazy it feels to be us. We still haven't heard anything more about the little girl to be born on Dec. 21st. We did, however, receive news about a caucasion baby due to be born at the end of April. The birthmom picked us as her second choice for adoptive parents of her baby (gender unknown at this time). Before she could schedule a conference call with her first choice of parents, they received another baby (just last week). At any rate, that makes us her only choice of parents now. We are expecting to schedule a conference with her this week. That's all the adoption news for now.

There is more baby news in our neighborhood, though. In addition to Baby Kate across the street, two little boys were born while we were in Las Vegas last week. Both live on the street behind us. There is one more pregnant mother down the street. She is due in May. Wow! They're going to need a new wing at the Kindergarten school in about five years. My lil sis is still doing well. She is one of four pregnant women on her street.

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