Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A Little Riley-to-be

I haven't updated my blog because things have been such a whirlwind around the Riley household lately. I am actually updating this blog from Kevin's mother's house in Tupelo. We'll drive up to Memphis to feast with the other Riley friends and family tomorrow. Another reason I haven't blogged so much is that I STAY on the computer all the time with my new job. So, when I have free time I'm less likely to wonder into the office as before.

Kevin and I have been officially matched with a new birthmom in Texas who is due on April 15th. We have talked to her on the phone quite a bit and are thrilled that she is going to give us a family. She is a very sweet and intelligent Hispanic girl. She'll be starting nursing school this summer. We enjoy talking to her and getting to know her. Her family is very supportive of her adoption plan. When we first got the news, I was very nervous and skeptical. So, I waited to share it this time. We do know that the baby is very healthy and is measuring "long." She will have a c-section on April 10th and has already asked me to be there for her. What a magical moment it will be! She will find out what the baby is Monday 11/28. Don't worry, I'll keep you posted. You'll be seeing lots more baby updates.

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This sounds great! Keep us updated!