Saturday, November 26, 2005

We got a call from our birthmom tonight. I was wrong about her doctor's appointment this week. She's going Tuesday, not Monday. At any rate, she offered to get us a video of the ultrasound and send it to us. How sweet is that? She is so unselfish. We're going to fly out to meet her in December. I can't wait.

I'm sure you can imagine how strange it is to become "phone-pals" with the woman who is carrying your child. It is...but I love talking to her. I want to know so much. I want to be able to answer questions about her as they arise, no lies. She's so open and honest. She's young, but strong and determined. We talked about cribs and names tonight. I think she liked the girls names better than the boy names. She's very easy to talk to and doesn't seem to have any reservations about the adoption.

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