Sunday, April 23, 2006

Jack and I had a big weekend. Daddy was playing in a golf tournament (which he won), so we decided to take a road trip to meet Grandma. It was a 3/12 hour road trip one way. So, we had to stop off for some trading (I like to call it "importing" and "exporting.") With a clean diaper and full tummy Jack was able to complete the trip as peacefully as it began. I was really glad that we got to go; it's a long ways for Kevin's mother to drive alone. I didn't want him to get any bigger before she had a chance to meet him. Needless to say, Jack was spoiled rotten. Grandma, Uncle Tim, Aunt Bonnie and several other sweet gift-bearing visitors took turns passing him around. I was relieved to have two arms again, ever how temporary it was; but I found myself watching him the whole time anyway. Though tired, I was excited to do the midnight feedings because I hadn't spent much time with my precious little boy. True to form, he commanded everyone's attention in church this morning, too.

At this point, I am truly exhausted. Taking care of Jack alone is very difficult. He's not bad, just so dependent. I can't begin to imagine how single mothers do it all alone. What dedication! Kevin will be out of town a couple of days this week, and I'm really dreading it. I know he'll really miss us, but I think I'll just be too tired to think about how much I miss him.

Jack is sleeping well at night. He only wakes for feedings, and right on time,'s amazing how his little tummy knows it's time. I laugh when I think about how I actually went to the trouble to set a timer to know when to feed him for the first few nights after we left the hospital. During the daytime, though, he doesn't really sleep very much. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad he knows the difference between night and day. It just makes it difficult for me to get anything else done. He has had gas really bad today. I think it's because other people have been doing the feeding and burping. I hate it for the little fella. Maybe we can get him back into a routine Monday and Tuesday.

I'll try to post more pics soon!


Angela Tignor said...

Cindy! You have a baby! That is so exciting. Let me know how things are for you. I was so surprised not to see your name on the Daniel Pratt website so I had to find out what was going on with you.

Angela Tignor

Cindy said...

Yes! I'm a college advisor now. Give me a ring!

A Friend said...

Update, chick.