Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Jack is officially 8 days old, now. We got the official word this afternoon that we can take him home now. We leave Houston bright (actually before bright) and early tomorrow. He is growing and changing everyday. Today, he began sticking his tongue out at me, when I do it first. We've been working on that since yesterday. He is the most precious, handsome child I've ever seen, even if I am his momma.

Over the past week, I have learned that my hands and chin can do things I never dreamed possible.
  • You know how your hand gets tired when you burp someone else's child? It doesn't happen with your own. Burp on, little dude!
  • I can hold a bottle with my chin.
  • I can wrap my left arm behind Jack's head and hold his bottle in the same hand while typing with my right hand.
  • I can change a squirming baby faster than Jimmy Johnson's pit crew can change his tire.

I have so much to learn and many more talents to develop , I'll keep you posted. Have a wonderful Easter!

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A Friend said...

:) Can't wait to see y'all. We leave for D town on Friday, so I guess we will see you guys after Easter. What a blessing you have!!!! Enjoy!