Sunday, July 23, 2006

3 1/2 months...already

Wow! Our little Jack is growing so quickly! He loves to walk in his little walker. I say walk...actually, he scoots backward in short bursts when he's excited. He loves it, though. I think he enjoys the independence of it, so does Mommy when she's in the kitchen. ;) He continues to talk more and more. We get really excited when we hear a new turn or sound in his voice. He prefers his thumb to the pacifier. I don't blame him. He enjoys looking at himself in the mirror, now. He's pretty much sleeping through the night. He's going to bed earlier, around 8 or 9, and sleeping until about 4am. The one thing that really melts our heart is that he has really begun to recognize Kevin and me as his parents. He is pretty happy with anyone; but when he sees one of us, he gets the biggest, wide-eyed, open-mouthed grin. He continues to be a delight to everyone he meets. I think he is going to be pretty active. He is constantly kicking and moving. When lying on his stomach, he moves like he's swimming or holds his head up. He has begun to pull his knees underneath him, too. I wonder how long it will be before he crawls. When he's on his back, he tries to roll to his tummy. Sometimes he can, other times he's just too exhausted from all the playing. The funniest thing he does on his back is hold his left leg stiff, completely rigid, and raise it up and down over and over really quickly. We're thinking he may be a really great soccer player or football kicker. Either way, it's pretty fun to watch! He's had a big time watching the British Open with his daddy this weekend. Much to our dismay, he seems to be a Tiger fan. I think it's the bright orange and red shirts he's been wearing. Oh well, at least he knows a winner when he sees one.


Jen said...

He looks so happy!

Cindy said...

by the way, Jen...I edited the mistakes while you were posting. Guess I've gotten lazy out of the classroom, or rushed as a mom. ;)

Tomma said...

That's great that he's sitting up like that already! He's too cute!