Monday, July 31, 2006

Another Jack update...

Today, Jack found his feet. Actually, I think it possibly started Sunday. He's worn flip-flops and sandals, but usually goes barefeet. He wore white baby shoes (you know, the traditional leather kind your mother put on your feet) to church Sunday. He never complained, but I noticed him just staring wide-eyed at his shoes. I could imagine him thinking..."What in the world are THOSE big things?" When Kevin put him in bed with me bright and early this morning (yes, Kev was up bright and early and had already fed him) he was only wearing one sock. When I inquired about the status of the missing sock, Kevin just said, "Yeah, that's how he woke up." Figures, only Kevin would worry about Jack spending his whole day with one sock on and the other missing. Throughout the rest of the day I noticed Jack holding his toes. I think the big white shoes in church brought his attention to his feet. It appears he's pretty happy with them. He hasn't tasted them yet, but he's been playing with them all day.

I weighed Jack today. I couldn't stand it any longer. He's getting so heavy I just had to know the latest total. I'm not sure how accurate it is, but I weighed him twice just to be sure there wasn't any mistake. He weighed a whopping........16 1/2 pounds! He goes to the doctore for his next check up next week. So, we'll find out for sure then.

Other Jack facts:

  • He kissed me on each cheek the other day. It was more like an open mouthed lick, but that's what he was trying to do. He was giving me love before going to sleep. Jack loves kisses.
  • He sings back to me now.
  • He can roll over both ways. Tummy to back. Back to tummy.
  • He's eating cereal at night now. Loves it!
  • He still needs a haircut.

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Jen said...

He'll be running through the house slamming doors in no time! :) Cherish these times!