Monday, July 31, 2006

Bloggin' Mamas~ Stacy said it best.

Jack and I met a few of my other "blogger friends" and their children for lunch at Chik-fil-a Saturday. We had a great time chattin' it up about blogs among other things. It was nice to get together with others who have interests similar to me. I know...I'm such a nerd. My personal observation is that blogs are becoming a new sort of virtual soap opera. You get kind of caught up in the stories people write about. You wonder what happens next in the saga. It's really weird to see how many folks from all over the world check out my blog. My favorite part of our excursion, though, was the hulk immitation (for those of you there). It was also nice to get out with Jack. It was the first time I think he's been around so many children at once. He was so quiet, checking everything out. Notice the wide eyes above. ;) Of course, I'm sure one dayI'll have a difficult time keeping him out of the air-conditioned play area. Geez..with all the babes we're holdin' you have to wonder who has time to type! It was a lot of fun, ladies. We should make it a quarterly thing.


Jen said...

Jack is so stinkin' cute I want to squeeze him. And I don't say that about many babies.

Lisa said...

It really was a good time. :) I'd forgotten about the Hulk! What a riot!!!