Friday, August 13, 2010

Family Fun!

I love my sis!
Since I've started chemo, I usually see my family during the really difficult times. They come to help when I'm really sick during the first week. It's nice to have them around to help. Last weekend, though, I was treated to a visit by my lil sis, Amanda, and her two daughters Mallory and Savannah. How wonderful that it worked out to be the best week of my chemo cycle. I admit that my best week these days is not very similar to my best week before chemo, but I'm still able to fit some fun and humor into those days. I plan excursions carefully so that I can rest and recharge. I am six years older than Amanda, so we didn't really have a "friendship" kind of relationship growing up. Only as adults did that blossom. Some of my favorite times with her are laughing until we cry. She and Kevin are the only two people who really make me do that. Good times.

Our house is full of activity when Aunt Manda comes. My Jack and her Mallory are both 4, only 5 weeks apart; and her Savannah will be three at the end of the month. Whew! We have to play offense and wear them out before they can all wear us out! My wonderful husband took care of all three Friday night (voluntarily) so that Amanda and I could go see SALT. We enjoyed the movie, but we had to cover our eyes during the previews. There are some REALLY scary movies coming out! I guess Halloween IS just around the corner. Then, once again, Daddy of the Year saves the day by taking three pre-schoolers to the park for breakfast. :)

Jack, Savannah, Mallory...7am!
Amanda and I gave Kevin a break by taking the trio to Chucky Cheese for pizza and games for lunch. Jack loves that place, not me, and Savannah was beside herself when she saw the "real Chucky Cheese."

Satisfied that they were tired, full, and happy; we brought them home for a nap. They spent the rest of the afternoon playing in the water and the backyard.

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