Monday, August 16, 2010

Things I'm Thankful For...

  1. Kevin is watching "A Bug's Life" with Jack right now so he will calm down for bed on time tonight.
  2. The trace amount of rain we had over the weekend.
  3. Talking with my Poppy today
  4. Mylanta
  5. Tylenol
  6. Water to help quench this never-ending thirst caused by chemo
  7. The West Clinic
  8. The four hour nap I took on Sunday
  9. Jack's awesome day at school
  10. All the kind words and hugs I received at church yesterday
  11. I didn't have to chase Bogey very far when he got out today and wouldn't come back to Kevin.
  12. Jack's smile
  13. My new position in the Assessment department
  14. Summer isn't year-round. 
  15. Humidity in the South can't rise above 100%.
  16. Friends who check in on me
  17. Tim and Bonnie's visit to Tupelo over the weekend. I enjoyed hanging out at Grandma's. 
  18. My family loves me whether I'm big or small, bald or frizzy, happy or grumpy, silly or serious,  healthy or sick.
  19. Kevin
  20. God's grace

1 comment:

Julie Emory-Johnson said...

I'm thankful for your friendship and that our boys will grow up knowing one another.