Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Hot enough for ya?

When I have chemo, I feel really awful. When I start to feel better, I work so hard to catch up on life and enjoy every minute that my blog often goes neglected. Sorry.

After recovering from the last round of chemo yucks I had, or somewhat recovering, I was really excited to go to church. Usually, I don't go the Sunday after chemo, because it's just too much. However, I was sick earlier than usual this last time, meaning I felt a little better by Sunday morning. Jack picked our seats...on the front row of course. This really is better for me since it places me closer to the front during communion. Kevin worries about me taking communion in church. I personally feel that God will shield me from the germs Kevin worries about especially in church. I also like the front because Jack pays better attention there. I think it's because he can see. Father Tom is always happy to see that I'm well enough to make it to mass. This particular Sunday he noticed me right up front. I'm not sure why, maybe it was just knowing everything I went though that week and the comfort of being there, but I cried...then, of course my nose ran, and you can imagine what a mess I was. I was just so grateful to be there. Afterward, Kevin, Jack, and I went to IHOP for breakfast. It was 10:30am by the time we made it home. I went straight to bed, under the covers and all. I was so exhausted that I slept until 1:30pm. Even then, I could barely move the rest of the day. I was just SO tired. My legs felt like lead. Kevin took care of Jack and gave me my space. I didn't need anything special, just peace and quiet.

Last week, I felt better. I've said it many times before...I like being in my routine. Kevin traveled to Texas. So, it was just Jack and me for the early part of the week. Mrs. Barbara brought some food from the church by for Jack and me. Grandma took us to dinner one night. Otherwise, it was pretty low key.

By mid-week I was feeling well enough that Kevin and I decided to spend some family time in Memphis. We wanted to take Jack to do some fun stuff together...kind of a staycation. We were able to use some travel points to pay for a couple nights hotel stay on Beale Street and took Jack to do some kid stuff. We visited the Fire Museum of Memphis, the Children's Museum, Pepsi Pavilion for free street music and concerts, we enjoyed Memphis BBQ at Silky O'Sullivans and the Rendezvous, fireworks from the Redbirds game from our hotel balcony, the ducks march at the Peabody Hotel, ice cream at Peabody Place, trolley rides, burgers at the Hard Rock, and Jack's favorite...swimming at the hotel. We did a lot of walking, but I was careful to pace myself and rest plenty in between. The weather was so hot...Memphis's hottest two days of the year so far! It was a great time. I wish Luz had been with us. She would have enjoyed it, too. One of my favorite memories of the weekend was when the lights dimmed at Silky's. Jack leaned over and whispered, "Mommy, I think we're supposed to be quiet now." Sweet boy, he's learning the quiet when the lights are out rule at pre-school already. 
One of my favorite parts of the weekend was when Kevin and Jack talked about throwing money into a wishing well. I told Jack about when my brother, Darrell, used to be sick and in the hospital a lot when we were growing up. My parents would stop at the fountain outside Baptist Hospital in Montgomery, AL, and let me toss a penny in for him. Well, Jack tossed a penny in the Peabody fountain and wished for Mommy to get well from cancer.

Wishing @ the Well
On our balcony...excellent location!

Fireman Jack
Fun on Beale St.


Now that we are back home, the weather is even hotter than it was in Memphis. The heat index was 118 yesterday. I'm telling you, global warming is no joke! Our air conditioners (and there are 3) can't keep up with the heat. The power went out two days in a row from brown outs. My bald head sweats profusely, and it makes me grumpy. It's too hot for a wig, a hat, or even a scarf in my own house. I'm telling you, pretty soon I'm gonna look like one of those NBA guys wearing a terry cloth sweat band around my head to keep sweat beads out of my eyes. Don't laugh...I'm serious!

My little sister is coming to visit this weekend. She's bringing her two girls and possibly my bother's two kids. I'm really looking forward to her visit. This will be the first time she's visited during a time when I feel well since chemo started. Usually, she comes to visit the weekend after chemo to help and has to leave the girls at home. It should be a fun time for all. I'm trying to think of fun things you can do indoors with pre-schoolers, besides the mall playground.

Did I mention that I'm ready for some SEC football weather? 

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Tim Riley said...

Nice travel report, Cindy. You should write for the Memphis Chamber and Visitors Bureau. We need all the good press we can get! Hopefully y'all can come back, when the weather is better and we can hit Beale again. Hope you're doing better, and sounds like a great upcoming weekend. Have fun!