Saturday, October 08, 2005

It's official!

I am the newest elementary education advisor/mentor of Western Governors University. I am so excited. I will not teach, grade papers, or make lesson plans. I will work strictly with advisees to be sure they are staying within their program and be available as a resource to them from my home via phone conferencing and email. My last day to teach in the elementary classroom setting is Monday. I travel to Utah for training next week. Salt Lake City is surrounded by these beautiful mountains. If you've never seen mountains like this before, it's absolutely breathtaking. I am so excited. I'm sad about leaving the classroom, but only the children...not all of the other crap that teachers must contend with. I'm excited to be getting my weekends and evenings back. Though my position is full-time, I'll be able to make my own hours. I can decide how and when I want to meet my communication protocol. Imagine that...a teacher actually being treated like a professional...a real rarity this day and time. I'm not losing any money at all and will have excellent benefits. Woohoo! Can't wait to learn more!


A Friend said...

That is absolutely wonderful and makes me feel good knowing that there is something like that out there! If there is ever a second baby over here, I may need to see if there is another job like that!!!

Cindy said...

They have a secondary ed. program.