Tuesday, May 16, 2006

6 Weeks Old

I know you're dying for an update, but Kevin's out of town for several days. It's just me and the little man...So, things have been more hectic than usual. Hmmm...Let's see...

  1. Jack pulled his own hair again yesterday. This time it was much more difficult to loosen his tight little grip without hurting him worse. It took at least a full minute (come on...It would seem like forever to you too if someone were pulling your hair unmercifully). I almost cried. I felt so sorry for the little dude.
  2. He is smiling, cooing, and gurgling more and more. That curled little smile melts my heart like no other. It's like Elvis, you know. The right side of his tip lip raises higher than the other.
  3. He can hold a rattle and shake it now if you put it in his hand for him. He loves the sound.
  4. He was a "one man band" in church Sunday. The stench! Kevin was holding him and thought he needed changing. So, after communion I went to the "crying room" (it's a glassed in part of the sanctuary with a speaker to hear the service, rocking chairs, restroom, and changing table) to change him. He only had gas. By the time I got back there he was burping, pooting, and hiccuping all at the same time. I decided it would be better for the congregation if we just stay back there until the little spell passed.
  5. He is taking 5 oz of formula (occasionally 6) consistently at every feeding now. I'm considering adding cereal at his last feeding, but am afraid to without talking to the doc. Any advisors?
  6. He is rapidly outgrowing his clothes. The flip-flops fit, Jen!
  7. He smiles when he hears his daddy's voice on the phone.


A Friend said...

Everyone always told me to wait until he was older to start the cereal...

Cindy said...

I have decided to do that, too. How old was Patch?