Saturday, May 20, 2006

Big Events

What a busy weekend!

I went to the PHS graduation last night to see my first "official" class graduate. It was very touching to receive invitations from students I taught way back in 1997. The stadium was jam packed! Jack was a very good sport through all of the cheering and fog horns. We left before it was over, though. As soon as I saw all the kids I wanted to see. I was rude...but I had Jack to think about, and 400 kids is a lot! We are going to Virginia in June to see Kevin's nephew, Ben, graduate. Congratulations Class of 2006!

Kevin's mother and brother come into town today for Jack's Christening tomorrow. It's a very big deal. We are excited. I called her yesterday to tell her Jack is so excited about her visit that he pooped in his pants 3 times. She's excited, too. We'll have the ceremony during the 8 o'clock mass. Jack will wear a white baptism gown smocked and sewed by his Granny (my mother) and be wrapped in a white crocheted blanket made by his Grandma (Kevin's mother). I think that is very special. Tim, Kevin's big bro, is Jack's Godfather; and Joannie, my lifelong friend, is his Godmother. They are both very strong Christians who Kevin and I feel would make wonderful mentors and role models for our son. I would trust either of them to give him advice in confidence. Both of them have been through very trying times in their lives and have maintained, even increased, their faith in God. Afterwards, we're bringing some friends and family to the house for photos and a champagne toast, then off to a local restaurant for brunch.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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A Friend said...

Sounds great! What a special moment!