Tuesday, May 09, 2006

HAIRY situations

  1. Kevin and I took our little man out for some fresh air Saturday afternoon. We went to the soccer playoffs for PHS. While there the 4th grade son of one of Kevin's friends asked a lady who was holding Jack, "Why is his skin so dark?" She very sweetly responded by saying, "He's Hispanic." This led the little boy to his next question..."So, is he going to have an afro?" {Later that evening the boy asked his mother how Mrs. Riley could have a Hispanic baby. }
  2. Jack has been learning how to manipulate his hands and fingers. He's grabbed my necklace numerous times. Well, this afternoon while lying on his back, he began to scream in a way I've never heard before. He was hurt! It didn't take long to realize that he was pulling his own hair without realizing it. The harder he pulled, the madder he got and the tighter his grip became on his own hair. He had a fist full! It was difficult to loosen his grip. I guess most babies his age don't have enough hair to grab a handful.

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