Saturday, September 03, 2005

Amanda @ 13 weeks

Wow! Look at that belly! I'm constantly amazed at the size of my lil sis's ever growing tummy. When we hug, I feel her belly first. It probably sounds silly to hear that I'm so amazed, but she is the closest person, emotionally, to me to be pregnant since my mom had her in 1979. She is feeling better everyday. We had a nice little visit one afternoon this week. We especially enjoyed it in the wake of everything that has been going on since Katrina hit the Gulf Coast on Monday. We shared one story that made us laugh until we cried. It was nice to see her feeling so much better. Things were very tough for her at the beginning of her pregnancy. I don't have to tell you how often we've looked around this week and counted our blessings. She and Tony are excited about moving into a bigger home for their growing family. So, we are both excited and planning our nurseries together. It's really neat to have her physically expecting at the same time Kev and I are emotionally expecting. I don't feel any less a mother. I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything. I am blessed to experience it with her all along the way. Plus, I can still enjoy a glass of merlot each night!


Anonymous said...

That was a very sweet and touching passage, although I could do without the picture!

I love you,

Cindy said...

I love you, too.