Monday, September 05, 2005

Kevin and I are really beginning to be excited about becoming parents. We're not sure if our baby or babies will be a he or she or both, but we're truly excited. We have picked out bedding and theme for the nursery, which is currently our "game room." Note: the pool table will be dismantled until we purchase another home with room for it. We've also decided how to paint the nursery; I'm just waiting for some of the bedding stuff to come in to match the exact shade of paint. We've been out "window shopping" for nursery furniture. We've decided to go with white. We even have a small assortment of cute little jumpers for him/her to wear. I can't wait to get busy. Our social worker is coming out Tuesday afternoon for our first meeting. Kevin is going to be the most wonderful father in the world. When I see how he is with our nephews and nieces and Biscuit and Birdie, I can't wait to see him with our own child. Kids of all ages love him; they flock to him. Even the kids on our street knock on our door to see if Mr. Kevin can come out to play. Speaking of our street...Congratulations to Chris and Lisa across the street! They had a little girl this week. I can't wait for all of their company to clear out so I can take them a meal and a present, but mostly so I can get my hands on their little angel. Two other ladies on our block our expecting. One is expecting a boy; her other two are girls. The other is expecting a girl; her other three are boys. Kevin and I would love to have a couple of whatever God blesses us with.

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